Hey There! I’m Valaencia Thompson, the face of froREALdoe and the Creator & host of Glittered in Goals events. I am a native Houstonian with a BIG heart and a charismatic aura!


froREALdoe has been my social media persona for years. In 2015 I created a blog under the same moniker to share my thoughts & lifestyle.

In 2016 I created a series of women’s empowerment events called Glittered in Goals to bring women together in a supportive atmosphere. Most importantly, Glittered in Goals was created to support women that are turning their GOALS into GROWTH.

The ‘fro’ in ‘froREALdoe’ is a nod to my love for afros and being a black woman of color, but froREALdoe is a reminder to:

Have FAITH in God, nurture and cherish RELATIONSHIPS, always think with OPTIMISM, never lose  RESILIENCE, tap into true EMPATHY, look at others with ADMIRATION, act out of LOVE, never forget to DREAM, remember nothing is too hard to OVERCOME, and last but not least, use experiences to ENCOURAGE.

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