My legs, my back…all of it hurts!

FullSizeRender (3)

Last night kicked my butt! For real. I had not had a workout like that in way too long. My instructor was happy to have me back and she showed it by killing my entire body.

We put in work…Crossfit style. It.was.not.easy. But, I can’t lie. I loved every bit. This is what I need.

Somewhere between the beginning of the year, wedding planning, working like crazy, and all that jazz…I gained some unwanted pounds.

But, no time to cry over fat. Just time to sweat and make it melt.

I say that like it is easy, it is not. But, I am willing to work. So, let’s go!

I will be kicking my weekend workouts with my girls back off after the New Year. Before I can get them right, I have to get myself BACK right.

This is the only way I know how. I will keep you all posted on my fitness journey. It is never ending. But, it is so worth it.

My health and overall wellness is worth it.

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