Keep Calm…I’m almost Twenty-6

If God says the same, I will be 26 years old in 6 days.

I feel like I’m growing in my life right now. I’m still growing into myself, which is something that will never end, simply because myself is always changing. We are all constantly changing, and I think that life is better (not necessarily  easier) when we realize that we are not who we once were. Even if we liked who we once were better, we have to accept that we are inevitably evolving. We have to learn to love on the person we are becoming. I’ve been embracing that change in myself.
I’m here, I’m secure, and I’m blessed by The Most High, God.

The thing that I am most thankful for is God’s grace, mercy, and the JOY that I know has been placed deep down in my heart. Joy is something that is supernatural and it comes from God for me. True joy. Happiness is not guaranteed.

I’ve faced so many unhappy moments these last couple years. I face unhappy moments daily. But, no matter how fleeting my happiness may be, my joy stays. I’m

thankful for God’s joy in my heart; I can face situations I absolutely HATE and still say, “it is well with my soul.” That response may not always be immediate, in fact, most times it’s not. But, after spending time in prayer, I can go through an unhappy situation yet remain joyful.

Approaching my 26th year of life, I’m thankful that I have joy. It’s something I pray for all of you to find. Find it in Jesus and not this world we live in. This world has nothing for you, but in Christ we can navigate through it and be at peace.

I’ve never been, never will be, and don’t even aspire to be a perfect person. I just strive to be genuine. I just strive to be who I am and be okay with all that may include. And I can say that as I approach my 26th year of life, I feel genuine. I feel like I’ve had the privilege to experience difficult lessons at an early age, and sometimes VERY reluctantly, I’ve learned from those lessons.

And one thing I’ve learned is to give God the glory for all things. That is what gets me through this life. That is something I pray to hold on to as I move forward into another year of the unexpected.
I’ll be 26 in 6 days and I’m content with not really doing much. I always have birthday plans, usually 3-4 months in advance. I’m usually mentally planning. Planning SOMETHING. But, this year, I feel the most content that I’ve probably ever felt in my whole life.

December crept up on me and I had no plans in sight. I just want to celebrate by taking it easy and being thankful. Nothing major.
It really is crazy that I’m only 4 years from being 30. I mean, I still remember very vividly my 13th birthday. Boy/Girl party with all the lights on, karaoke, and a dance contest. Now I’ve been out of college for 3 years and not to mention, I’m married.

Time flies fast.

Anyway, I just want to wish myself a happy early birthday. I’ll be having mini celebrations all week. You know, like, happy hour and a deluxe spa pedicure. Going to workout class, being off all week from work. Might see a play. Spending a little time in a boutique hotel. The turn up will be real chill.

26 already feels good.


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