FGI Houston’s #MeetTheBloggers 

I was invited to a networking event and was so stumped on what to wear.  I ended up going with this long, black chiffon dress and a cute little cover up. Of course, my statement necklace from shoptailormarie.com brought it all together. I’m not a fashion guru by any means, but I think I did ok last night.

The energy in The Tuck Room (located inside Houston iPic Theatre) was amazing last night.

The Fashion Group International of Houston, Inc. hosted a networking event called, #MeetTheBloggers.

The room was filled with professionals from Houston and else-where. A great blend. It was easy to see how diverse my surroundings were. I was instantly inspired by the different styles all around me.
As a new local blogger I was excited and a little nervous to meet some new people. However, those nerves were quickly broken up once I was greeted by some friendly faces.

Some of those friendly faces…

I met Victoria Ray of trimmedingoals.com. I must say, from her lovely locs to her charming personality, it was such a pleasure. I look forward to collaborating on something in the future.

Then there was also Ms. Jasmine Berry. If you’re into fashion, SHE.IS.IT! She is a stylist and blogger. You can follow her on IG @Spookieloo28.

I didn’t get a pic, but was also so thrilled to meet Elly Brown! If you haven’t been to her blog: Uptown With Elly Brown, you’re missing out. Seriously, the sweetest person I met last night. The only one to greet me with a hug instead of a handshake. Check her out!

All in all I met so many amazing people last night! I would be sitting here for a while if I were to give everyone a shout. I’ll just give you a few social media handles and you can explore their creativity for yourselves: @daddystylediaries, @beautyandbinky, @yogabluellc, @newmominanewera, @chasingcharlene, Imani Talib, and  Tiffany Recio  just to name a few.

I certainly look forward to more events in the near future and connecting with some more local creators.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers, vloggers and/or designers? Leave them in a comment!


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