Oh, about this new last name… | How I feel being a NEWLYWED

I’ve been married for 4 months. Sometimes I miss being engaged. I miss looking forward to my bridal shower and bachelorette party. I miss PRESENTS! I mean, who doesn’t love free vickies? I miss planning. The big day went by so fast and I want to do it again!

I honestly don’t have anything profound to tell you just yet about marriage. It’s still so new.

We are still in the beginning stages. We dated for 10 years and knew each other better than anyone else knows either of us. However, we did not live together until 1 month before the wedding. So we had something major to look forward to.

We are adjusting well to living together. It’s not super crazy for us, like some people describe. We are both about the same level of neat and the same level of messy. I take that back, I’m neater. But, Garrick is not a slob. I can’t stand the used cotton swabs that he leaves lying around though. But, again, no deal breakers.

After living alone on my own for the two years prior to marriage, and coming home to no one, I love having someone coming home to me. I love going to sleep next to a warm body every night and rubbing my unshaven legs (let’s be honest ladies, sometimes we don’t shave our legs for weeks) on him when I’m cold. I love holding his hand and him praying before we go to sleep. I won’t lie, we forget to pray some nights, but I love the nights we don’t forget to.

Aside from the new living arrangements, let’s talk about adjusting to a new last name. Yeah, that’s weird. I mean all my life my social security number has been linked to Ellis – now I’m a Thompson. Good thing we got married after I graduated college, cause I would have been waiting a while during commencement.

All jokes aside. God is so good. I definitely see the importance of putting Him first. I would be lying if I said marriage did not change anything. It has changed plenty. I’m just in the midst of navigating those changes and pin pointing what they are. But, so far so good. No complaints. I’m happy to be his Mrs. I’m happy to be on this new journey.

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