Hop on this Black Girl Magic SLAY ride…

Here’s the thing. I’m really feeling this new Beyonce video for  #Formation. I know, like the rest of the world who went crazy on Saturday. Hear me out though.

For me it’s not because I’m a devoted member of the beehive or anything. I like Bey fair enough, but Formation, this is different! I like this because it’s so unapologetically BOLD. Now, I will not sit here and say that the lyrics were profound and political. Or that this is the best song ever written for or by Beyonce. That is certainly not the case. The song is catchy for sure, but it’s far from super inspiring. However, the video is what caught my attention the most – and it was marketing GENIUS to release the video before we heard the song alone.

The video starts out by letting you know that parental advisory is necessary. In other words, strap yourself in because you are about to go on a ride.

A black girl magic SLAY ride.

As black women, sometimes in the world we live in, we have to do our best to show what we are not. Try to slide from up under some of the stereotypes. We have to stand a little taller, stick our chest out a little farther, we have to annunciate how great we are. Otherwise, we are often dubbed as not good enough. Even by SOME black men. Thankfully, not mine. He loves all of this black woman. Nappy hair and all.

Anyway, Beyonce was not doing that. She was not being careful to not be too black. She let the blackness flow freely.

Peep the cornrows flowing freely in the wind…

What Beyonce did was celebrate! She let everybody know, “look, what I have I worked hard for!” Because, usually if a black person is majorly successful and awesome, it’s often attributed to something else. As if, we can’t be awesome in our own right.

She celebrated her babies. Her child and her husband. We have all seen some of the memes comparing Blue Ivy to North West, and saying how nappy and unkept Blue’s hair is. Why? Cause she’s 100% BLACK? This baby being talked about cause her roots are thick? Terrible!

And of course, we’ve seen endless memes about Jay-Z’s big lips and nose.

Beyonce is here to finally give a resonating middle finger emoji to all of the haters. “She like her baby hair with baby hair and Afros. She likes her negro nose and Jackson 5 nostrils.” I’m here for it! You better defend your family, girl. It’s okay to let it slide sometimes, but I’m so here for this speak up. I don’t blame her one bit.

Let’s not forget the most important message of all. Beyonce was sitting on top of a police car that was partially under water. At the end it began to sink. You can also catch a sign, “stop shooting us,” as you watch the video unfold. I love that she chimed in on this! How sick and tired we are of the police brutality. Yes, Beyonce. Yes!

I know you will read so many raving reviews about this song and I’m sure some criticism will arise as well. But, all in all I just wanted to say that I am in formation. Lined up in support of this message. And that crazy trap beat is not too bad either. Makes you feel like you can just SLAY. Cause you can! Makes you want to take everyone on your own black girl magic SLAY ride. But, “stay gracious the best revenge is your paper.” Love it!

In closing, Valentine’s Day is coming up. Based on what Bey said, I think I owe my husband a trip to Red Lobster. I’m just saying.

Get in #Formation.

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