I didn’t agree with Meagan Good’s husband.

One of my friends on Facebook shared a video that a guy made in response to Meagan Good and Devon Franklin’s video. The guy was bold and called out something that I saw too, but I  was too cowardly to speak up on. But, after watching it, I had to write this.

Okay, so for those who don’t know, the actress Meagan Good and her husband, Devon Franklin wrote a book called, “The Wait.” It’s about abstinence and not having sex before marriage. Both profess Christianity and they have been doing interviews promoting their book. Before I even get into this, I want to say, I admire their mission and ministry to encourage couples to wait on God. I certainly believe lives will be touched and people will grow from reading their book. I plan to read it myself. As a married woman, who knows what I may learn.

A video surfaced of Meagan and Devon on a stage taking questions from audience members.

Devon was seen in the video, defending Meagan after a lady in the audience rudely addressed Meagan about being photographed in a dress that showed her breast. When Devon stood up for his wife,  saying, “She wears what she wants –IN THE NAME OF JESUS,”  the crowd and the internet went nuts.

How dare that lady come for Meagan Good?! OH NO SHE DIDN’T!

I didn’t share that video because I didn’t agree with it 100%. “She can wear what she wants IN THE NAME OF JESUS.” She can certainly wear what she wants, we all can. But, I can not walk around with my butt hanging out and say, “I’m a Christian, I’m already saved, so I can wear this if I want – in the name of Jesus!”
We all have our choice in every matter in life, including how we dress – God gave us free will. But, after we decide to live for His glory – He also gives us his word and the Holy Spirit to help lead those choices. 

We will have varying OPINIONS – but we should not coat our opinion “in the name of Jesus,” if that opinion does not line up with the word of God. That’s where I felt like Devon messed up. Saying his wife could wear whatever she wants was a fact, and his opinion. But, I feel that by adding “in the name of Jesus,” it gave the impression that God is simply “okay” with whatever we wear – no matter what.

The lady “coming for Meagan,” I totally agreed that her method wasn’t the most appropriate. She sounded kind of rude and it didn’t sound loving.

So, 100% kudos to Devon for coming to his wife’s rescue. It was charming and appreciated to see a husband defend his wife. I did like that his first response was to defend his wife’s honor. Much RESPECT for that fact. But, I also felt that the lady was pointing out the valid issue of Christian women upholding modesty.

Her delivery was just offensive, which made it easy to miss what she may have been trying to say and just cheer for Devon.

I personally felt that she was addressing modesty and maybe she was trying to call Meagan out a little too, who knows? But, I have to say, we can’t talk, “saving sex for marriage,” and not talk “lust and temptation (by the way we dress).”

Lust of the flesh is a big struggle for men and women alike and can make #TheWait even more of a struggle!

I think it’s important to discuss ways to withstand temptation and also how we can avoid some of it. We are in fact instructed to FLEE from temptation. And the temptation to fall into the traps of an over sexualized culture are so strong.

 It’s easier to dance with temptation than to FLEE (RUN) from it.

As a Christian woman living in this world I don’t want to talk about modesty in dressing, because it opens up the door of conviction and makes me have to assess the way I dress. I like a nice low cut sexy dress too (even though I don’t own much cleavage at all). But, if I’m being honest, I know that everything I may choose to wear isn’t always a modest choice… or something I would feel appropriate wearing in any setting. Ouch. I don’t want to talk about this no more.

But, I am being lead to write, so darn it, I’m writing this uncomfortable blog that is no doubt convicting for myself.

A few weeks ago, we (social media audience) were cheering on Ayesha Curry (Golden State Warriors player, Steph Curry’s wife) for saying this:

Men on social media were saying how they, “wanted an Ayesha Curry,” and us women (even non-modest dressing ones) were cheering for her message of modesty as well.

Now, a few weeks later we are cheering on Devon Franklin for saying “(she) Meagan wears what she wants – IN THE NAME OF JESUS.” There is a striking contrast there. Which one do we really agree with? Covering up and being modest, or wearing whatever we want? Again, ouch!
I’m all for a man defending his wife, especially if someone is, “coming for her.”

But, here is what I’m hoping happened later on that evening when Meagan and Devon got alone.  I’m hoping that maybe they got real with each other and discussed how the lady did have a valid point. Maybe they talked about how they are public figures who are being public about standing on God’s word as it relates to sex before marriage, so maybe they should stand firm on other aspects of that too.

Maybe they discussed how as believers we sometimes pick and choose what we will and what we won’t apply to our own lives. Maybe they got real about how we can all be hypocrites sometimes, especially when it comes to things we are not ready to give up, “IN THE NAME OF JESUS.”


1 Timothy 2 9-10 does call us to modesty.

And a lot of people take this out of context cause they think it means we can’t wear nice things, but that’s not what it means. The scripture is saying adorn yourself, NOT JUST IN FANCY   CLOTHES but in actions, in the way you live. Modesty in dress and in actions.

While we don’t have a SPECIFIC and strict dress code to follow, we are suggested to be modest. Which I have to admit, I sometimes want to let a little more show too.
I don’t know about you all – but for me, being a believer in this day and age of, “compromise and do what feels good,” is EXTREMELY hard. But, I am still aware and convicted of what God calls us to in His word. And, we shouldn’t be mad at others for calling us out on truths. Especially other believers who do so in love. 

But, we do get mad. We get mad and offended because we are comfortable in our walks as they are. We are not ready to grow. Heck, if I’m being honest, I have to say that just writing this and thinking about posting it gives me anxiety. Why? Because, it will make me have to be more accountable and aware of my own modesty. It will make me have to think like Ayesha Curry, “is this too much? Is this more suitable just for my husband?” – and maybe sometimes, I don’t want to think like that.
Maybe sometimes I don’t want righteous thoughts. But, God calls us as BELIEVERS (if you’re not a believer then maybe this doesn’t apply) to not be of this world.

Romans 12:2 says,

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

What I’m getting at here is, this generation of believers is full of compromise. We are fence straddlers sometimes. Being being bold in a world that waters down morals, beliefs, and just about everything worth believing in is HARD.
Are we even willing to do what’s hard? I know that I’m not always willing. But today, that’s my conviction.
Are there areas in your life as a Christian that you know you should address, but ignore because it’s too hard? Areas we get mad if attention Is drawn to it? Yes? Mines too. I do admire that Meagan Good asked the woman to PRAY for her. That was probably the most humble reply that she could have given. Kudos for that!

It is very important to also remember that just because we may fall short in different areas does not mean God can’t  still use us. God already knows the areas Meagan Good may struggle in as well and yours and my areas. And I believe He will still use us. A wise man once said, “God doesn’t call the qualified – He qualifies the called.” And even in our weakness, He can still use us for His glory. What a Mighty God we serve. 

We are always standing in the need of prayer…So, here is my prayer for us…


Help me, my friends, family and acquaintances that believe in you. Help us to stand for truth and be aware of when we are blindly applauding things that are actually NOT right. Lord, that’s hard to do in this world we live in. Compromise is way more comfortable. Help us to step out of the box of compromise and be honest about what we believe to be true. Help us to me a light in darkness. Help us to be sight in blindness. Help us in areas that we fall short in that don’t line up with your word. Help us to all grow and change in our spiritual journeys. For His glory, #InthenameofJesus…


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176 thoughts on “I didn’t agree with Meagan Good’s husband.

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the approach. Speak the truth in love and know when and how to do it. A mentor would have been more effective.


  2. I agree 100% that if you’re going to profess to be a christian and a follower of God, then do it all the way or else you give God and his ability a bad name. You can dress cute and not be showy. I agree with what this woman said to Meagan Goode, she does need to cover up. I will be willing to bet that God had already told Meagan this, but she may not have wanted to listen so he sent an affirmation in that woman to her. In my personal walk with God when he is telling you to do something and you don’t want to listen he will always send an affirmation for you.

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  3. Shepherds Chapel is all I have to say about it all!! It teaches the truth about Christianity try watching it some times! Some parts of the Bible has been re-written by man. So no we are not being taught the whole truth. The bible was originally written in Hebrew so some of the words in the bible we think means what it says by our definition really doesn’t if u get a Hebrew dictionary it will clarify what everything means in God’s words not man. For example people say that when people do you harm you are suppose to turn the other cheek…..not true! It doesn’t say that anywhere in the bible! God clearly states that he can not use people that are weak but only the strong shall be called to fight satin when he returns. What that means is we have to be mentally strong in God’said word and not be deceived by man’s versionso of God’s word. Try it out watch the show I promise you it will make every part of the Bible make since with no doubt left in the back of your mine.


  4. I totally agree in some ways. The dress she wore was risky. It was pretty but even I being a devoted christian was taken back a little. Besides all that though. Her response to the lady in the audience was one that changed how I respond to conflict. I think about it all the time. She told the lady to Pray for her. She could have made a big deal or been rude but her response was beautiful. I could only imagine how some of us christians have responded in a heated debate.

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  5. Not one time have I seen Meagan Good carry herself in a distasteful way! Everyone shows cleavage! To me that lady’s comment was judgemental and Devon had every right to take up for his wife!

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    1. But Christians aren’t called to be like “everyone” though. We are called to be like Christ…..that’s the whole point of this article lol!


  6. Amazingly written.
    My main problem with the video was the way her husband responded to the lady. To me he turned a potential learning opportunity (an opportunity to teach) in to something negative. As a Pastor he really could have turned that whole situation around.

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    1. Thank you, Simone! Yes, I think his response was just a natural reaction to defend…and was defensive in tone. Which, I do understand that as well. I get what you’re saying! ❤️


  7. Well said and I do agree with all comments and personal opinions but we need to remember that if we were oh her place we would be happy our husband or wife to defend us in that moment.
    And as for that woman and for all of us we need to stop looking on other people faults and problems and focus on examining our oun personal lives and relationship with God . DeVon and Magan Franklin knows the Bible and their relationship with God. And they have to live the life pleasuring to God not us to judge them because we all are sinners. Let us focus on the good side of every one and not the bad side.
    I have to admit they are sharing a great story. I am a living proof of that though am not married yet. But it pays and worth to wait. But u can’t do it without God.

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  8. Meagan did say pray for her which to me meant i am still learning and p r aying God would help me. I think we do need to use wisdom when approaching one another but we also have to know that you can offend which the bible also speaks of. The bible also talks about taking the beam in your eye out before you take one out of your brothers. We take and chop the word like a salad and take out the ingredients that fit someone else. I to have been hurt by women who have claimed Jesus is their Lord. I als have hurt and offended others. It all goes both ways when we learn to love we should do things in love sometimes love is not felt when you start off by saying certain things.

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  9. The ‘god covers everything valuable’ saying has been ascribed to EVERYONE. What always makes me laugh is that no minister, counselor, or father ever supposedly took a young man with his pants hanging off his butt and gave him the same lecture….
    Also, since we are all supposed to be ‘brothers and sisters in CHRIST’, why couldn’t a well meaning sister speak to her about her style of dress?
    Finally, I like that you acknowledge that you may have some work to do in your ‘walk’-as do we all. The reaction of the crowd was honestly what I’very come to expect from our ‘sin as much as you want during the week because jesus will forgive you on Sunday’ christians.

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  10. People love to talk about correcting folks in the church as their duty. And that may very well be so. But you should always seek to correct with love. And there’s very little love in standing in front of a room full of strangers asking a grown woman to cover up. As the saying goes, “punish in private, praise in public.” And since that woman has no personal relationship with Meagan it was not her place to attempt to school her in public.

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    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the approach. Speak the truth in love and know when and how to do it. A mentor would have been more effective.


  11. There is a saying that goes, “just because I don’t sin, the same exact way you sin don’t make you better than me”. So for that woman in the audience and you for that matter can’t say anything to anyone for what they do just because they don’t sin like you. I’m pretty sure you had sex with your husband before you two got married. So don’t feel some type of way because she choose to wear certain outfits in the name of Jesus because at least she waiting until marriage before giving her body away to the man she loves. I’m sure the Bible says no sex before marriage, but nothing about clothes. And yall want to bash her about that? Now that’s sad “in the name of Jesus”.

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    1. I think that it is pretty bold of you to assume on what I did or did not do with my husband before marriage. Very bold. But since that is not the topic of this discussion, we won’t go there.

      I am also pretty sure that I addressed the fact that we all sin – focused on my own convictions very heavily actually.

      I do appreciate your time that you took to read my post and thanks for also taking the time to leave your opinion and assumptions.

      Have a blessed day, “in the name of Jesus” 😉


    2. This comment here, is the best COMMENT EVER… nail on the head.

      My poison my not be Your Poison, however we ALL have a poison.
      Folk should stop writing “long books” in regard “to others” who stumble along their journey & focus on You-Yours-TRUTHS!!!
      Frorealdoe, your “passive kinda aggressive” approach has Hattah all over-it. Quote scriptures that right YOUR WRONGS b4 U attempt to bring an audience to your vision. Would’ve been great had you u given a “REAL & INDEPTH RESPONSE,” to the above commentor….like u did Meagan Goodes “life.”


      BLack POwer👊👊👊

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    3. Thanks so much for your feedback! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read my “long book” and the comments as well, I appreciate your time.

      Unfortunately, I rather not go back and forth about points that I actually already made in the body of the article. As far as focusing on self truths, I believe I actually did that.

      But, again…thanks for reading and commenting!

      Have a great one.

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  12. As a Christian woman, I don’t see what Meagan Good wears as overtly sexy. When it comes to her attire, she dresses like a star, and people are asking her to disregard who she is as a person. When we speak upon the Biblical text, we
    should remember that Apostle Paul gave suggestions, and we don’t have an official dress code like Muslims and who wants that? Live and let live. In Jesus name, is a decree, not just to be used with scripture, but as a blessing. As a husband, he blessed his wife, in Jesus name.

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  13. Excellent observation and well expressed🙏🏽 I agree we have to represent well and be careful when we use the Lord’s name.
    I loved the article❤️ I believe good counsel could be received from it.

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  14. Very good article. I enjoy reading it. The Jewish n Muslim women take pride in their dressing, why can’t the Christian women do the same. We continue to look like the world, how can we pull them to God. We adorn ourselves like hookers n harlots but expect people to say good things. I don’t care who it is, if something is wrong, it’s just wrong. There is no celebrities in the kingdom. We must exceed righteousness. If your dressing is blocking others from the kingdom then something is wrong. Why do I need to see your breast or any of your body parts. Be ye transformed by renewing of our mind. Leave the old man behind. We don’t want people to come to god believing that they can remain the same. God bless you for this article, be the mouth piece for this generation. We are a chosen generation and we will do thus say God.


  15. Please read and reflect.

    A young lady arrived a Meeting wearing clothes that were quite revealing her body

    Here is what the Chairman told her: He took a good look at her and made her sit.Then he said something that, she might never forget in her life. He looked at her straight in the eyes and said; “lady, everything that God made valuable in this world is well covered and hardly to see, find or get.

    1. Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground, covered and protected.

    2. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell.

    3. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine, covered over with layers of rock and to get them, you have to work hard & dig deep down to get them.

    He looked at her with serious eyes and said;
    “Your body is sacred & unique” You are far more precious than gold, diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too.”So he added that, if you keep your treasured mineral just like gold, diamond and pearls, deeply covered up, a reputable mining organization with the requisite machinery will fly down and conduct years of extensive exploration.

    First, they will contact your government (family), sign professional contracts (wedding) and mine you professionally( legal marriage).But if you leave
    your precious minerals uncovered on the surface of the earth, you always attract a lot of illegal miners to come and mine you illegally.Everybody will just pick up their crude instruments and just have a dig on you just freely like that. Keep your
    bodies deeply covered so that it invite professional miners to chase you.

    Let us all encourage our wives, friends and daughters to dress well and decent!

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  16. Tell me where in the bible God gives a dress code. He says “come as you are” people can always put a spin on it. That one who claim to be an Christian “all covered up” but yet won’t speak to you and come to aid if her Christian life depends on it.

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  17. Why I am disappointed by the entire situation is that this women who made the comment was made out to be malicious – when she was very complimentary & did not want to cause offensive. Those where her exact words

    Devon spent a portion of time talking about lust and the affects it can have on a person, as well as the importance of prayer when approaching this subject. This topic is also very clear in Matthew 5:27-30 about the crime of lust. A question I would ask is if we attribute lust to the way a person is dressed? Which in my opinion I would suggest is a contributing factor

    So the women’s comment was also based on the subject that they are promoting, which makes her well within her rights to offer up the advice of ‘your words and actions being as one’ based on the information they were given to a ‘listening audience’ whom they welcomed in to engage in open dialogue from both sides – in that it was a listening exercise with the opportunity to ask questions

    The concern on Devon’s part is that his comments justified actions that are not of Christ ‘in Jesus name’.

    Please do not lose the message I am trying to share with any misunderstanding that my comments where I mention Devon’s name; there is no judgement here on any side. Vengeance is mine said the Lord

    What the woman did not do at any time was question Meagan’s Christianity or her relationship with God. Maybe she did not offer up advice in the right forum or in the right context (which she can take up with the Lord herself, as we are not here to be judges)….however Devon’s defence was more defensiveness because there was some truth to what the woman was saying, otherwise he would not have reacted in such a way. Devon is in danger of the judgement; Matthew 5:22….making comments that we are going to see a different Devon, cause he is from Oakland…he was there to act and be a messenger for God. LETS NOT FORGET THAT!

    Equally Meagan could have advised that she is on a journey, one that we have all embarked on, and are still on and while she has chosen to dress as she does (which is a choice), that she would prayer for guidance to ensure that she will continue to be a vessel of God in his vision. As only we are responsible for how we heed to Gods word

    With that said to reiterate the women never said Meagan was not a Christian, never once did those words leave her mouth

    If we are going to stand for Jesus, then we need to live and replicate the life he set out for us to live as a representation of him. That is what it is to be Christ like. Denying self and doing all things for the good of those that love the Lord.

    If we act like non-Christians people will see no reason to follow God as we will all be doing the same things, that are not of Christ (in relation to a code of conduct with how one should portray themselves).

    The overall message is we are not here to promote ourselves. If there was more recognition overall about the importance of Gods love and what he wants for us there would be a better understanding on the comment that was made surrounding the attire


    1. Well, said …you nailed it right on the head…people keep going on and off that the Lady was judgmental….For God’s sake …If we are for Chris then Let’s stand,act and say what is right to bring Glory unto His Holy name…do not be luke warm. You should call a spade a spade…but of course with love, which in my Opinion that lady did….and not sugar coat something….

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