I didn’t agree with Meagan Good’s husband.

One of my friends on Facebook shared a video that a guy made in response to Meagan Good and Devon Franklin’s video. The guy was bold and called out something that I saw too, but I  was too cowardly to speak up on. But, after watching it, I had to write this.

Okay, so for those who don’t know, the actress Meagan Good and her husband, Devon Franklin wrote a book called, “The Wait.” It’s about abstinence and not having sex before marriage. Both profess Christianity and they have been doing interviews promoting their book. Before I even get into this, I want to say, I admire their mission and ministry to encourage couples to wait on God. I certainly believe lives will be touched and people will grow from reading their book. I plan to read it myself. As a married woman, who knows what I may learn.

A video surfaced of Meagan and Devon on a stage taking questions from audience members.

Devon was seen in the video, defending Meagan after a lady in the audience rudely addressed Meagan about being photographed in a dress that showed her breast. When Devon stood up for his wife,  saying, “She wears what she wants –IN THE NAME OF JESUS,”  the crowd and the internet went nuts.

How dare that lady come for Meagan Good?! OH NO SHE DIDN’T!

I didn’t share that video because I didn’t agree with it 100%. “She can wear what she wants IN THE NAME OF JESUS.” She can certainly wear what she wants, we all can. But, I can not walk around with my butt hanging out and say, “I’m a Christian, I’m already saved, so I can wear this if I want – in the name of Jesus!”
We all have our choice in every matter in life, including how we dress – God gave us free will. But, after we decide to live for His glory – He also gives us his word and the Holy Spirit to help lead those choices. 

We will have varying OPINIONS – but we should not coat our opinion “in the name of Jesus,” if that opinion does not line up with the word of God. That’s where I felt like Devon messed up. Saying his wife could wear whatever she wants was a fact, and his opinion. But, I feel that by adding “in the name of Jesus,” it gave the impression that God is simply “okay” with whatever we wear – no matter what.

The lady “coming for Meagan,” I totally agreed that her method wasn’t the most appropriate. She sounded kind of rude and it didn’t sound loving.

So, 100% kudos to Devon for coming to his wife’s rescue. It was charming and appreciated to see a husband defend his wife. I did like that his first response was to defend his wife’s honor. Much RESPECT for that fact. But, I also felt that the lady was pointing out the valid issue of Christian women upholding modesty.

Her delivery was just offensive, which made it easy to miss what she may have been trying to say and just cheer for Devon.

I personally felt that she was addressing modesty and maybe she was trying to call Meagan out a little too, who knows? But, I have to say, we can’t talk, “saving sex for marriage,” and not talk “lust and temptation (by the way we dress).”

Lust of the flesh is a big struggle for men and women alike and can make #TheWait even more of a struggle!

I think it’s important to discuss ways to withstand temptation and also how we can avoid some of it. We are in fact instructed to FLEE from temptation. And the temptation to fall into the traps of an over sexualized culture are so strong.

 It’s easier to dance with temptation than to FLEE (RUN) from it.

As a Christian woman living in this world I don’t want to talk about modesty in dressing, because it opens up the door of conviction and makes me have to assess the way I dress. I like a nice low cut sexy dress too (even though I don’t own much cleavage at all). But, if I’m being honest, I know that everything I may choose to wear isn’t always a modest choice… or something I would feel appropriate wearing in any setting. Ouch. I don’t want to talk about this no more.

But, I am being lead to write, so darn it, I’m writing this uncomfortable blog that is no doubt convicting for myself.

A few weeks ago, we (social media audience) were cheering on Ayesha Curry (Golden State Warriors player, Steph Curry’s wife) for saying this:

Men on social media were saying how they, “wanted an Ayesha Curry,” and us women (even non-modest dressing ones) were cheering for her message of modesty as well.

Now, a few weeks later we are cheering on Devon Franklin for saying “(she) Meagan wears what she wants – IN THE NAME OF JESUS.” There is a striking contrast there. Which one do we really agree with? Covering up and being modest, or wearing whatever we want? Again, ouch!
I’m all for a man defending his wife, especially if someone is, “coming for her.”

But, here is what I’m hoping happened later on that evening when Meagan and Devon got alone.  I’m hoping that maybe they got real with each other and discussed how the lady did have a valid point. Maybe they talked about how they are public figures who are being public about standing on God’s word as it relates to sex before marriage, so maybe they should stand firm on other aspects of that too.

Maybe they discussed how as believers we sometimes pick and choose what we will and what we won’t apply to our own lives. Maybe they got real about how we can all be hypocrites sometimes, especially when it comes to things we are not ready to give up, “IN THE NAME OF JESUS.”


1 Timothy 2 9-10 does call us to modesty.

And a lot of people take this out of context cause they think it means we can’t wear nice things, but that’s not what it means. The scripture is saying adorn yourself, NOT JUST IN FANCY   CLOTHES but in actions, in the way you live. Modesty in dress and in actions.

While we don’t have a SPECIFIC and strict dress code to follow, we are suggested to be modest. Which I have to admit, I sometimes want to let a little more show too.
I don’t know about you all – but for me, being a believer in this day and age of, “compromise and do what feels good,” is EXTREMELY hard. But, I am still aware and convicted of what God calls us to in His word. And, we shouldn’t be mad at others for calling us out on truths. Especially other believers who do so in love. 

But, we do get mad. We get mad and offended because we are comfortable in our walks as they are. We are not ready to grow. Heck, if I’m being honest, I have to say that just writing this and thinking about posting it gives me anxiety. Why? Because, it will make me have to be more accountable and aware of my own modesty. It will make me have to think like Ayesha Curry, “is this too much? Is this more suitable just for my husband?” – and maybe sometimes, I don’t want to think like that.
Maybe sometimes I don’t want righteous thoughts. But, God calls us as BELIEVERS (if you’re not a believer then maybe this doesn’t apply) to not be of this world.

Romans 12:2 says,

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

What I’m getting at here is, this generation of believers is full of compromise. We are fence straddlers sometimes. Being being bold in a world that waters down morals, beliefs, and just about everything worth believing in is HARD.
Are we even willing to do what’s hard? I know that I’m not always willing. But today, that’s my conviction.
Are there areas in your life as a Christian that you know you should address, but ignore because it’s too hard? Areas we get mad if attention Is drawn to it? Yes? Mines too. I do admire that Meagan Good asked the woman to PRAY for her. That was probably the most humble reply that she could have given. Kudos for that!

It is very important to also remember that just because we may fall short in different areas does not mean God can’t  still use us. God already knows the areas Meagan Good may struggle in as well and yours and my areas. And I believe He will still use us. A wise man once said, “God doesn’t call the qualified – He qualifies the called.” And even in our weakness, He can still use us for His glory. What a Mighty God we serve. 

We are always standing in the need of prayer…So, here is my prayer for us…


Help me, my friends, family and acquaintances that believe in you. Help us to stand for truth and be aware of when we are blindly applauding things that are actually NOT right. Lord, that’s hard to do in this world we live in. Compromise is way more comfortable. Help us to step out of the box of compromise and be honest about what we believe to be true. Help us to me a light in darkness. Help us to be sight in blindness. Help us in areas that we fall short in that don’t line up with your word. Help us to all grow and change in our spiritual journeys. For His glory, #InthenameofJesus…


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176 thoughts on “I didn’t agree with Meagan Good’s husband.

  1. I agree that we must not judge each other.i feel it was wrong of the woman to say it in that manner..and second we do not know what it is like to be in Hollywood,it must be so hard. Becoming a Christian does not mean you’ll immediately dress better. She’s new to this,and here people are judging her in that manner,is that encouraging her or discouraging her?..and isn’t the walk with Christ a learning process..no one here is a saint. We all sin here,if some think she did so in the picture..there are things that we all do that only our God and us know about..i found this blog wrong in that it brought judgement..we are not Christ


  2. While I agree with your point, I feel as though you are harboring on the fact that after his exclamations he repeatedly said “In the name of Jesus”. From your perspective I read that you interpreted what he said as a way to defend(which in a certain instance is true). What I got from his steady exclaims of “In the name of Jesus” was not to provoke thoughts of him being correct but in those moments you could physically see him become agitated and upset. Every time he would say “In the name of Jesus” you could see him calm down a little bit. I definitely see what you are saying but I think the context in which he made that statement is being scrutinized from a perspective that may be a bit skewed. As for the woman who “came at” Meagan, I believe she was rude and she actually tried to insult her “In the name of Jesus” and I found Devon’s responses just. I do find Meagan to still remain a bit provocative (for my personal taste) in her new life but I don’t feel that what she walks in diminishes her footprints.


  3. I would say, “In the name of Jesus” was absolutely appropriate. The difference between saying in Jesus’ name and saying something is the Word of God comes from an understanding of what we reference the different identities of God for. This is assuming a belief in the Holy Trinity, by the by. You reference the identity of Jesus when talking about ideas related to the new Covenant – mercy for all regardless of situation, grace unearned, those sort of things. Here is an idea about her being able to wear what she wants free from the condemnation of the woman in the audience. That’s something he perhaps would say Jesus would be for, as Jesus often dodged handing out judgement. Doesn’t mean Jesus would be for or against one thing or another simply because he didn’t say anything about it, just means that he wouldn’t be for the condemnation (particularly from the non-divine like ourselves, I’d interject).

    I’d also say, remember that the quoted scripture about modesty does say *should*. That whole section of the new Testament about what type of behaviors we should have as followers of God (like the books of Timothy or Titus) is all suggestion for what should help us with our personal relationships with God. We should want to do those things, and if we love people we should want them to abide by them too, but we shouldn’t try to push those aspects on others – and that would be in Jesus’ name.


  4. The hypocrisy is real! I’m glad he came to his wife’s rescue. And let’s remember that she is a new convert, so she is still learning who God is and His plan for her life. She’s probably still struggling with trying to figure out how to balance her newfound love for God and how keep her career in Hollywood (which I think is hard if not impossible). But, we are talking about a little breast showing, but we turn a voluntary blind eye to Tina and Erica from duo “Mary Mary” and how awfully form fitting and tight their clothes are. Why is this not the same? You don’t have to show skin to look “tempting.” In my opinion, seeing the full print of your “V” is disgusting and distracting! And they’ve been in this race for a while. But, God knows the intent of the heart. There are those who God will reject, not because they showed a little skin; but because they were dressed modestly, never missed church, never fornicated, gave to the homeless and even gave tithe faithfully, but did not honor God with an intimate, heart changing relationship. To those he will say depart from me; I never experienced intimacy with (knew) you.

    So please show her some love because she is still learning what should and should not be done. By the way, I may be wrong but I didn’t think her husband was saying that his wife can “dress like a tramp And Jesus is okay with it,” I think he was trying to convey that statement as a stamp of his approval and sovereignty as her King. Why? Because he is her covering and no doubt a type of mentor to her in her new walk with Christ! And Jesus is his King to whom he is accountable.

    This is just like the story of Adam and Eve in the garden. God did not let Adam shift blame to Eve because he left instruction to the “head” (Adam) and not the woman. If Adam had corrected her and not fallen into the disobienence himself, God would have not cursed them. But he was wrong not to cover her in her moment of weakness. If her husband has no problem with how she dresses and it is wrong, God will show him and he will teach (minister to ) his wife while God’s grace covers them both. So, no, I don’t see any problem with this at all. God bless you Megan. As she starts learning more about God through reading his word and spending time in his presence, she will look less like the world and metamorph into the powerful woman of God he has called her to be from the beginning. I applaud her resilience!


  5. Is the issue with what she was wearing at this particular conference (or whatever you want to call it) or about an outfit she previously wore?


  6. I bless the Lord for you! I agree with you. It’s interesting that whenever a believer confronts another believer about a sin in their life or just about an ungodly behavior, it is not well received because people will say we are judging them – EVEN if we approach them in love, and speak kindly. People will still thank you are judging them and actually get mad because they want to be able to do what they want to do and say “In Jesus Name. I am sure the disciples would have loved to stay the way they were too accept Jesus begin to walk with them and teach them about how they should live as disciples and Believers. So we do have a responsibility to take people under our wing and begin to mentor them and help them to develop into disciples. Of course I’m going a lot deeper than the woman that addressed Meagan Good but my point is I don’t agree with how that woman may have publicly addressed Meagan but we have got to learn to hear ad receive the truth EVEN if it wasn’t said in the best of tones or motivation. Thank you for sharing your blog. I applaud your courage, your humility and wisdom!

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  7. Quote every scripture you can and justify your judgement of the situation any way you want,,,,,,,but it is NIT OUR PLACE to judge anyone . As quoted” we ALL have free will”,,,,,,,,There is only one that has that authority to pass any kind of “judgement” about how each of us has followed HIS will /word—–and we will ALL answer to HIM on judgement day. HIM and HIM alone. Be the change you want to see in this world–that is a huge task all of its own–stop worrying about how/what “others” do. PERIOD.


    1. 1 Corinthians 5:12-13 (KJV) For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within?
      But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.


      The Bible is full of verses telling us how to judge.
      We can’t condemn anyone to Hell, but we are to examine everything and filter what’s right/wrong/liberty by God’s standard prescribed by scripture alone, not opinions


  8. As a married women and as a Christian couple my husband and I never new each other prior to marrage. In that as a Christian young women I dressed differently then what I wore in the world before living a Christian life. It was never about what I wanted to do with my body in what I wore it was more about my love for God and the attention that I new wearing certain clothing would draw. I also had repeat enough for my brothers in christ to not mess with there walk or challenges they may have knowing men go by sight. Know a days you have to chose stores, clothing very wisely almost everything out there show what you momma gave you. We as women have to take a look at what we are representing to others or not letting our good be evil spoke of. Saying that I like the article. We have to know what the Bible says be ready to give an answer to every man regarding our faith. So when u put something thing out here before people expecially as an example as a Christian. For what is required of us as believers in the word we have to walk and live out that so if there is ever a question that we think is not right our life will speak for itself. If we ever find ourselves defending our selfs in this way saying In Jesus name we first should always check ourselves according to the wold not to let anyone stumble due to our example in God. The word of God is what will aways stand not our feelings our even the right to be right. Just because we think it’s good don’t mean it’s God. Blessings

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  9. I think that this is a great blog and you made great points. I think the reason people were cheering for both Mrs. Curry and Mrs. Franklin is because modesty or non- modesty doesn’t make you a better or worse Christian just as doing other things related to the way we dress, wear our hair, and more doesn’t make one a better or worse Christian. Now, I do understand where you and the lady in the video are coming form. We must not lose our witnessing power and the way we dress can effect that. But God says come as you are. Come as you are and he will change you little by little. So I believe that as Meagen continues to serve God she will change more and more. I also believe that she is touching young women who may feel isolated from the church because of their dress and they will change little by little as well.

    We can be 100 percent right in what we are saying to others and 100 percent wrong in how we sat it. That in itself can make us lose our witnessing power much faster than a woman in a sexy dress. Not saying that maybe she should not have worn that, but I am saying that we must be careful not to deter people and we must remember that the only condition to being saved is to confess and believe. It isn’t predicated on any outer things.

    God bless

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  10. Christian style of dressing has change over the years…back in the days lady cover their self bc we was there to get the word of God and now it’s more fashion than anything…They show off everything from cleavage and dress and skirts so high if they bend over you will have to cover your child eye’s…SMH


  11. Such a great read!!! I so agree with you! I also think that this subject had already been previously discussed among them which is why, I believe, Meagan became emotional! Or, she could have been consumed with such a deep emotion of gratitude towards her husband for defending her! It is my thought that this is a hot topic for the Franklins because of her attire and what appears to be a contradiction with her faith! I understand that we should be modest in dress but I also believe that this may be an area of struggle with her. We all have one! I, too, struggle with what to wear when I’m out with my husband or having fun with the girls! “Should I post the pic bc the Christian police are going to “TRY” and come for me”! It can be a bit much at times. I believe that she’s trying to figure it out as she goes along. It’s easy to love Christ and serve him but it’s hard doing it in the public eye where people are your judge and jury for every possible thing that that you may/may not do wrong!!! Great post!!!

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  12. Hello, this is a very lovely write up, a very lovely one. But to point out something, the lady that spoke up…she wasn’t rude, In fact she before she brought up the issue, she said, if she is saying this, she loves her sisterly, and she had a good sense of humor. You can imagine the number of Christians that might have spoken to Megan about her dressing, privately, social media as the husband had suggested, and am sure, she didn’t even care about those corrections. Yes him standing up for his Lady was admirable, but to say that the woman was rude, common don’t try to sugar coat the write up, by blaming the lady, say it as it is, the truth is always bitter and had to accept, especially when we are guilty, that is why Devon spoke like that. And if he thinks this way, then God forgive me, i will have to question his ministry. May the Good Lord continue to strengthen us. Grace and peace


    1. The only thing Jessica, when we look at Jesus and his narrative and the three years during his ministry you never saw him discuss big issues amongst people, if there was an issue he would talk privately, i.e the woman at the well with several husbands.

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  13. Her response to why she did not agree with Meagan’s husband is lengthy but well written with scriptural balance, wisdom and truth…and she lightens it up a bit with humor. I agree with the author of this blog in it’s entirety…she addresses her opinions to the video with an answer with the word of God.

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  14. Very good. It is the Holy Spirit within that convicts us and we do need to pray for her just as she asked so that she can see the error of her way and correct it. Above all we must show love, and sometimes it’s tough love.


  15. Excellent article. Glad you wrote. Compassion towards others is mandatory. And it’s also compassion for our brothers – we ARE each other’s keepers – to not entice them when they have it so much harder than women trying to keep themselves. I know some would beg to disagree with that, but that’s not the point so let’s skip it. Dressing modestly is a commandment. The commandments are for EVERYONES protection. Even considering new Christians which we should all be sensitive too, as well as to each other, it’s NOT that hard to cover yourself. Unless you come from stripping or prostitution it’s not in my experience like being delivered from porn, drugs, promiscuity, lying, gambling, etc. God can and will give us the grace for whatever deliverance we need. I’ve found a timely word, given in love, sometimes along with a small gift is all that’s needed to motivate change in case like this. It would have been good if the lady questioned in kindness and love. In my opinion, it would have been better if all those risqué pics of Meagan didn’t exist, but since those were her choices and they do, it’s up to her to glorify God with her body and represent the body of Christ with her image as a public figure. Her husband needs to make a public statement for taking the name of Jesus in vain and I hope and pray he already realized his error and got it right with the Lord. I have enough stuff to get right myself so i know how the writer feels. But like that lady speaking out, sometimes we must say something if only to declare our allegience to the Word of God. It’s true that public figures, and especially if they are Ministers, Preachers, Pastors must hold themselves to a higher standard as leaders and it OUR JOB to PRAY for our leaders, public figures and esp those in full time Ministry.


  16. Great article. Honestly, I believe it was the first response that defended his Queen, but also kept the response audience appropriate. I’m sure there were 500 other responses he thought of at home, but her response probably caught him off guard.
    The reference of scripture from 2 Timothy does not say “have inward beauty and knowledge while you also do not only wear expensive things and look presentable while walking in modesty” as this article makes the emphasis seem. It just says flat out, do not braid your hair, do not wear the extra accessories and be modest, and also present your inward beauty. If we are upeset because of cleavage, we have to be outraged at the original Planner that wanted us to walk around in the full fledged nude. #ShouderShrug I get it, but we spend so much time being scripture bullies instead of showing the actual love God intended to bring our brothers and sisters closer to Him. Kind of counterproductive actually.


  17. God is the only holy one therefore EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THIS PLANET falls short of Gods glory. Rather than pointing out each other’s faults – we should focus on the good. if we are looking for faults, we will find them no doubt. No one has the right to assess another person as the bible says you will be judged in the same way. No one can say they have said one thing and did another – everyone is a hypocrite that’s because we all fall. So big ups to the Goods, we all love to look sexy and what not. Temptation is YOUR OWN personal issue. It’s up to THE INDIVIDUAL to control themselves. One lady looks good and it turns on a man – that’s not her problem. I know sooooooooo many people who have said this but did that. It’s a way of life, sad for them they are in the public eye – if we are mature Christians we can just be happy for them and love them regardless of whether we agree or not – it doesn’t matter.


  18. Greetings people of God! I thought i’d chime in as a married woman who can identify with this situation.
    I believe the lady was wrong in her delivery and….it was disrespectful to Megan’s husband MORE than less because this was a stranger publicly doing his job. He didn’t need some woman doing his job for him. What if they have already been having this discussion at home and were working on this and that’s why she was fully clothed that day on the clip? She was dressed modest on the clip and that woman was bringing up stuff she saw “before.”
    Her husband should be the MAIN one telling her those types of things and if he’s not, it still isn’t OUR job to confront her about “his” business with his wife. When we aren’t in position to confront someone’s spouse, we must pray for them to get a revelation and sit back and mind or own business. Tbh…No matter how right that lady was, it’s just noise unless Megan can see WHY she would need to change.

    I want to also bring a different perspective that we must be careful of. What if this was another woman who was new to the faith and never had any type of mentoring on how to dress but her heart was genuine towards the Lord? We see this situation in churches all the time when a person who’s newly converted needs to be transformed mentally, but is still growing through a process. We have to love people OUT and through bad habits, behaviors or the way they dress. You may have to love someone until they change the way they dress (without pointing out the current fault) when the main problem is the lack of love within themselves from the Lord….they may just need someone to embrace them FIRST.
    Saints must BE sure that God chose them to confront a certain thing about someone or it will be a disaster.
    We don’t need people in their ear condemning them for things they don’t have conviction for as of yet. I’m afraid that many are ran back out in the street for the lack of compassion on a person who simply is not set free from certain things.

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  19. Agreed. Agreed. Agreed.

    I don’t know these guys so I looked them up and had to wince when I saw some pics of Good. I hope they will assess whether their current message (in their book) matches their public persona.

    Putting “in the name of Jesus” on things doesn’t automatically make those things bring glory to God, which ought to be the ultimate goal. The name of Jesus is holy, precious and ought to be mentioned with reverence.

    We cannot have this world and Christ. We all fall terribly short in many ways. However, we ought to not only look to see if we ourselves are in the faith, but we ought to spur one another on to good works.

    There are TONS on beautiful ways to dress it up without being immodest. Modesty isn’t salvation. But it should a fruit of our salvation. Hard being called out like that, but I hope they will humbly consider the gist of the audience member’s comment.

    And hopefully the audience member will humble herself, remember that she stands by grace alone, and look for best ways to correct and edify other believers in their walks as Christians. What she did wasn’t loving. It’s not how God, in his great kindness and mercy, deals with his children. I’m grateful for that.

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