But, I don’t really like you…

I have been having the lovely treat of dealing with someone that is really undesirable to be around. I use the term, “undesirable” in a very complimentary way because it’s actually an understatement.

Like, if I had to be trapped on an elevator with someone, I would probably die of annoyance if it was this person I was stuck with. And of course, if I was trapped on a deserted island – yeah, I would have to bury myself alive in the sand.

Ok, I wouldn’t ever really die because of this person – but, you get my point. They absolutely annoy me like crazy. And sometimes that turns into anger.

Unfortunately, because of important obligations, I have to interact with this person. I don’t have the option to just not see them and be around them. I have to deal with them regularly.

I am forced to be cordial. I don’t want to always be the bigger person though. Sometimes, I want to take my character off and set it to the side. I would much rather just tell them how I really feel and be done with it – but, I try to guard my tongue.

I’m sure that everyone has experienced someone like this. Someone who makes every situation a big deal and having a regular conversation all of a sudden feels like you’re running a marathon. You know, the type of person that’s just exhausting to talk to and be around in general.

I know most of you can relate. I’m sure reading this is making you think of THAT difficult person in your life. Whether it be a co-worker, family member, or someone in between. We all will encounter undesirable people in our lives that we are forced to deal with at some point for some reason. 

We can choose to let their annoying ways dictate our own behavior and we could retaliate. We could make their every encounter with us a miserable one too. Because, sometimes that just feels like it would make us feel so much better. You know, GET THEM BACK. I battle that choice all the time now- it’s so hard.

I heard or read a message about grace a few months ago. I don’t remember exactly where it was that I heard it (so I can’t share it here), but I remember what it taught me.

Basically, it said that God doesn’t give us what we deserve in life. He doesn’t hold our wrongs against us – yes, we have consequences in life. However, we receive much GRACE and MERCY. God is gracious toward us. So, as we grow in Him, we have to try to treat people graciously as well. It’s easy to be nice to people we feel are deserving or reciprocal. But grace is – treating people kind even when we feel they do not deserve it.

I want my heart to grow in the direction that it needs to in order for me to live a full life. So, that means more love and less anger. More hope and less discouragement. More grace and less revenge. I don’t want to carry negative feelings toward other people in my heart. And lately, my heart has been heavy because of this person I have to deal with.

I realize that the test is for me. Maybe, just maybe, God placed this person in my life for a specific purpose. Maybe it’s one of my growth opportunities. 

I want to take this as an opportunity to learn to deal with difficult people the right way without allowing them to steal my joy at any given moment.

OH.MY.GOSH – so difficult to do because let’s be honest, PEOPLE can really SUCK.

I realize that people who make other’s lives exhausting are usually exhausted themselves. The root of their behavior is usually their own insecurity, unhappiness, or miserableness. 

So maybe this person is in need of something that I can give. Maybe God wants me to show grace to help someone else and at the same time grow me in the process. 

I have not mastered this concept. I understand it and believe it – but it’s not easy.

Here’s something we can think on for this upcoming week as we deal with undesirable situations. Colossians 3:12…

Let’s try to focus on being compassionate, kind, humble, gentle and patient with others. 

Thanks for reading…


2 thoughts on “But, I don’t really like you…

  1. I have several people I deal with on a daily basis like this. You know the best way to deal with it is to pray for this person, yourself, and ask God while you have to deal with this person what does he want you to learn from this situation while HE works it out.

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