Garrick’s Birthday | B Cycle | iPic Theaters 

My husband’s birthday was 2 weeks ago on February 22nd. This happened to be the 10th birthday I have celebrated with him. We have been together since we were 15 years old and every year from his 16th birthday up to now at 26, I have always wanted to celebrate him.

He truly is my best friend. But, if there ever were polar opposites in personality – that would be us. I am the extrovert and he is undoubtedly introverted. Everything is approached with lax when it comes to him (including his birthday), but I simply can’t let that slide for his birthdays. It’s a must that we celebrate. You only get to be born ONCE – that’s a thing to celebrate, if you ask me.

This year we celebrated in a pretty laid-back-yet-fun way. He had been wanting me to make waffles, Funfetti cake, and has also been wanting to go bike riding.
I made sure that we did that and some for his birthday.


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