Happy 8 Months of Marriage – Marriage is hard…

Hey you guys. I’ve been neglecting you all a little bit. Having a life is busy, writing about life in between all of the living is tough. But, I just wanted to talk to y’all a little bit this morning.
I’m actually writing this laying in bed next to my husband. He’s watching baseball and I’m just chilling before I have to go to work this afternoon.

We went to our cousin’s wedding last night. I had a blast. I love weddings and all that they represent. Unity of a groom and his bride, before God. It’s so warming to my spirit. It just made me reflect on my own wedding day. Which today, (the 4th) marks 8 months of newlywed loving.

I can’t even believe that. Where does the time go?
We needed last night, to be honest.
Marriage is tough work. Can’t lie, we had a tough week. It’s hard to prioritize each other sometimes in the midst of every day life. But, it’s so necessary. Without that intentional effort, we leave our partners thirsty for us, and constant thirst can lead to emotional dehydration. It felt good to just drink each other up last night. Celebrate love and remember ours.

God is good.

Marriage is His design. And I’m so honored to be the wife to the man I love.
Happy 8 months of marriage to us.


4 thoughts on “Happy 8 Months of Marriage – Marriage is hard…

  1. Happy 8 months!!! Marriage is so hard, and sometimes seems too hard. But just when my hubs gets on my last nerve, I think, I’m not that easy to deal with, and he puts up with me lol… We have kids and full time jobs, different work hours… But Blogging together definitely helps, we started to go to events “for the blog” and a few months ago we realize that we’ve indirectly started dating again, and its been kinda great 🙂

    Naomi of http://www.brentandnaomi.wordpress.com

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    1. Thank you Naomi! It’s so hard sometimes not to get complacent. We’ve been together for over 10 years so it’s easy to just get stagnant. But we also believe in dating and that helps so much! Good for you and your hubby for making it intentional.

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