My husband lost his job…is this “newlywed bliss?” 

Imagine planning a wedding right in the middle of this big oil industry turmoil that’s been going on. Imagine your fiancé working in that industry and not having the opportunity for overtime, because they’ve cut hours at work.

That’s exactly what I was going through last year.

It would have been easy to push the wedding back. It would have been easy to not have a honeymoon. It would have been easy to just play it safe and change the plans, instead of just living life.

We chose to walk by faith and make changes in areas we could control and just trust God. Have faith. This wedding was going to happen, and God would provide for the honeymoon. I’m thankful we chose to just live life and trust God. Now, we have timeless memories…I can’t even tell you anything about the money we were concerned about. It doesn’t even matter any more.
What I can tell you is this. I try my hardest not to fear financial turmoil to the point that it controls me. To the point that it rains on my LIFE parade. To the point where I don’t have any faith in what God is capable of doing.

That little philosophy of mines was really tested at the beginning of the year. At the end of February, my husband was called into that office at work and let go. I can’t say I was surprised, because all along…I felt it coming. Did that make the news easier? Not really. Who wants to be a newlywed for 4 months – and then get laid off?  I was sad for myself and more for my husband. I was upset…but, I wasn’t hopeless.

It would be our first of many trials as a married couple. We were smack dab in the middle of learning how to combine finances and manage them together, then all of a sudden…one income.

What would we do now? Where would he apply now, after having a really good job? You don’t want to go back to where you started. You want to advance. Where to now?

I didn’t know. But, I couldn’t stop to worry about it either. I had things to do and places to plan to go. 

Now, believe me I know that sounds crazy. But, hear me out.

I PRAYED HARD over my life, marriage, finances, etc. I prayed so much in the months leading up to being married. I created a vision board and I prayed on some specific personal goals. I received confirmation on those things by the peace and assurance in my heart. 

So, this hiccup in the plan didn’t mean CANCEL THE PLANS…to me it meant, TRUST GOD.

Most would say I was crazy to buy tickets to see our favorite artists in the upcoming months, or to buy plane tickets and book rooms in cities we have never been. Why would I do that in the middle of a layoff?
Well, I can’t really say besides…I trusted God to be faithful.

My husband was doubtful – rightfully so, he loved his job. It was a hard loss. But, I kept encouraging him that we would be okay. He would find better. God got us.

I would be lying to say I did not worry at all…I had my days. Believe me, I cried sometimes. But, I kept asking for peace and favor.

Almost 3 months later…it happened. He was blessed with a new job. A better opportunity. Our prayers were answered and pretty quickly (trust me…I’ve been on the LONG WAIT list before too. So, I know it’s not always this fast before things turn around.)


As I sit back and reflect on how we could have thrown faith out the window and replaced it with fear, I’m thankful to God for PEACE. I’m thankful that He urged me to keep on planning, keep on living, and just trust Him. 

I’m excited about this summer and the rest of the year. I’m excited to go places I’ve never been, and do things I’ve never done.

Do not let the fear of the unknown keep you from living your life. All you can do is make adjustments and keep it moving, but don’t STOP moving. Don’t trap yourself like that. Anything can be done with wisdom, moderation, and faith. God is faithful!

Now, I’m not saying to blow through your finances and just expect God to replenish.

What I am saying is this, TRUST God to carry through plans that you’ve truly been diligently praying for. There is a peace that you feel when you are walking in obedience…this peace overpowers “LOGIC.”

This peace says, “just LIVE. I got you!”

Jeremiah 29:11 “I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not disaster. Plans to give you a future and a hope.”

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