Food, food, FOOD! – Atlanta #Baecation (part 1)

Yesterday me and my husband caught a flight to Atlanta, GA. This is the first leg of our little Summer vacation. Or, as I’ve been calling it…#Baecation.

One thing that I absolutely love and want to do so much more of is traveling.

Garrick and I love to travel together. Now, as a newlywed couple, we plan to travel as much as we can.

I love us as a couple and I love our differences. However, when it comes to traveling, it’s our similarities that makes the time spent so wonderful. We enjoy laid back adventures. We enjoy the idea of being swallowed by historic environments. We enjoy being food lovers, and trying new restaurants.

That’s what we’ve been doing here in Atlanta. On the map, I realize Georgia is kind of on the East side a bit…but, I still consider it to be very much Southern. Obviously nothing’s more SOUTH as Texas…but, it definitely has that Southern charm. We’ve appropriately nick named this trip #ThompsonsTakeTheSouth.

First of all, let’s talk about this gorgeous hotel. I found a super cute boutique style hotel. It’s over 90 years old! It’s called The Artmore. I already knew that it’s age meant it would be charming.

Our little room is tiny. Small and cozy. There’s a doorbell and a chain lock on the door. The bathroom is only big enough for one person to fit in at a time. So, no showering together or anything like that. Not.A.Chance. Someone could get hurt. Haha. But, still…very cute! The modern decor of the place really adds so much personality.

The Artmore hotel is in Midtown and although it’s technically walking distance from many restaurants, I can’t lie, we’ve been taking LYFT (like uber), way more than walking.

Our first stop for food (while we waited for our room to be ready)  was the Highland Bakery. Garrick got the French Toast pictured below. I had some delicious sweet potato pancakes. I did not take a picture, but it was so good!

After we ate breakfast, we walked around a while and chilled.  We still had time to kill and decided on pedicures. I’m glad to have a man who is not ashamed to get a good pedicure with me. We visited Piedmont Nails and Spa. A pretty big salon! They did a good job, but I’m kind of partial to my salon back home. Lol

After pedis, we went to a restaurant called 10th & Piedmont for lunch. My goodness! Between my chicken sandwich, Garrick’s smoked pork sliders, the skillet Mac and Cheese and our truffle fries…we had a mini feast.

We’ve been here for less than 2 days and have eaten about 6 different places.

What’s #Baecation without food? Absolutely NOTHING!

Nachos and Baja Tacos + $4 house margaritas at Zocalo in Midtown. 

Warm peach, pumpkin, and cranberry bread + Buttermilk Fried Chicken Benedict with cheesy grits at Einstein’s. 

We stopped at “The Vortex” (Garrick saw on Man vs. Food) He had a burger topped with ham + tots. I had a Buffalo Bomber chicken sandwich and fried zucchini. (21 and up only)

As you can see, we are eating our hearts out and having a good time! I’ll share with you all about some of the other NON-FOOD places we’ve seen later. Like, the Martin Luther King Historic sites.

For now, this wanderlusting lady is ready for bed.

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