Atlanta Wrap Up – Where are we headed next? #Baecation part 2! 

Atlanta treated us so nice. These past 2 days have been just a whole bunch of, “YES!” The weather, the people! Of course, the food.

Woke up nice and early this morning to pack up our bags.

Then, we headed out to some more delicious nourishment, breakfast at The Flying Biscuit. 

You know that when there’s a wait outside, you can pretty much guarantee the food will be fantastic. It did not disappoint.

I can show you how great this trip was better than I can tell you.

Enjoy the photo highlights below!

You guys…for real, this place was worth the 35 minute wait outside. We were seated at a small table near a big open window. The temperature was 77 degrees with a breeze.

Garrick ordered the Heavenly French Toast. It had a raspberry sauce drizzled on top and another cream sauce too. He didn’t even need the extra syrup on the table. He said they were the best he’s ever had. I can definitely agree. The bite I had was beyond.

I went a more savory route. I ordered the Turkey Hash. It was some roasted turkey served in a gravy over potatoes, with an egg on top. I also had the grits. Delicious! I didn’t finish…but, boy! It was amazing.

In addition to the great food, we did some sight seeing. We didn’t get to do all that we wanted, but it’s only so much you can do in 2 days.

We really enjoyed visiting King’s Center. Sadly, we were not able to tour his birth home. But, it was still very humbling to see what we did and drown my mind in MLK quotes. Walking down the Freedom Walk was sobering, the 1960s were not long ago at all. In the midst of our nations current racial struggles, it was inspirational to say the least. We can make a difference. Nice reminder.

We were able to stroll through Piedmont Park. I wish we had more time to walk the entire park, but again…we were limited with time.

The highlight of sight seeing was our trip to the High Museaum of Art. 

One pretty cool exhibit was the Rise of Sneaker Culture. My husband LOVES sneakers. So, this was cool for us to see.

We saw everything from European art to African Art. Photography art and some random stuff we didn’t understand.

Right now, I’m feeling like this guy below. Tired!

We’re about 2.5 hours out from part two of our trip. We are headed to the low country. I can not wait! The historic city. The beach island. The food!


#Baecation continues…stay tuned.

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