#FROREALlifeStory: Zoe-Fashion Plate (mother of Ciera and Christina Rogers) – Light, Love, and Life after Lupus

I spend a lot of time on Instagram. If you are like me then you probably do too. At some point you may have come across the profiles of two young entrepreneur sisters – Ciera and Christina. They are the faces and bosses behind their own fashion brands, Babes and Felines & ShopChrissZoe.



If you know of them then chances are you have seen their beautiful mom, Zoe Jackson on their pages…

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We have all grown to know and love her as @zoefashionplate.


Before the days of Instagram and her daughters successful careers, Zoe was (and STILL IS) the pioneer of her own empire. This songstress, supermodel, entrepreneur, fashion icon, and most importantly – SUPER MOM, is well known in Houston and abroad for her many talents. One thing that is undeniable is her contagious and genuine aura.

She has the type of energy that can be felt across any medium…that is what drew me to her on social media. It is not uncommon for Zoe to share her morning devotionals or post a bare faced selfie that really puts Alicia Keys’ “no makeup look”  to shame.

Then she will turn right around and slay us with some of the most fierce style that I have ever seen hit the runway. No, for real. Check her out!


I already admired the drive behind her daughters as I cheered on their success. Like, Kim Kardashian rocking a Babes and Felines dress. Y’all… I freaked out like Kim K. had on a dress from my own non existent fashion brand!

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 9.44.52 PM.png

But, after being introduced to Zoe, it was no surprise as to how Ciera and Christina learned to be so great at what they do. They DEFINITELY get it from their mama!



Let me tell you, the vibes did not lie. What you see is what you get. It was a real treat to be able to sit down with Zoe on a Friday evening in a comfy lounge space (located in the Houston River Oaks area). Zoe gracefully glided through the door, looking freaking amazing after her photo shoot. She greeted me with a smile and hug. She was taking a moment out of her busy schedule for our 5 o’clock interview. I truly appreciated her taking time to sit down with me.

Over the summer I had reached out to Zoe’s team a couple times to schedule an interview with her. I may or may not have been bugging her partner for months trying to schedule a time that she was in town.

As destiny would have it, I ended up meeting Zoe in person at an event last Sunday. She was really sweet and I was able to schedule the interview directly with her that same week. Talk about perfect timing.

What some people may not know about Zoe is that she is a Lupus survivor. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can be severely debilitating. After being diagnosed with Lupus in 2002 – Zoe knew that she had some serious lifestyle changes to make. She knew a life of immobility was not what she wanted after working so hard. Zoe decided to take a holistic approach to her health and she says that it changed everything. Because of this approach and her unwavering faith in God, Zoe proclaims that she has self cured from the effects of Lupus.

Through prayer/meditation, speaking and thinking positively, and surrounding herself with positive people, Zoe believes that she had the foundation she needed to deal with such a traumatic diagnosis like Lupus. She knew that she also needed to eat healthy to nourish her body for it’s most lasting impact. She also makes sure to exercise in order to be in her best shape.She says that her daughters were her biggest motivations. Zoe says it pained her to not be able to do things for them with her debilitating condition. She decided to take her life back.

Zoe continues to live a life full of excitement. One way that she makes sure to do that is by taking a vacation every day. No, that doesn’t mean that she hops on a plane every day. It means that she chooses to do at least one thing that she wants to do every single day – considering it a mini vacation just for her. Whether it be checking out a new boutique or grabbing something at a coffee shop. She makes sure that she takes time for herself. How awesome is that?! That is something I would like to adopt for my own life.

Zoe insists that we must all take the time to build the lives that we want while we can. She stresses the importance of having a support system, but says that even if we don’t have that support in the physical form, God is still with us all the time.

Zoe believes that even with a diagnosis like Lupus, it is still possible to find positivity in life. She says that she would encourage anyone going through a hard time to just take a step outside and look up. She encourages us to look around at God’s creations and just remember to appreciate all of the simple things that He gives. From that, we can draw the strength we need to keep going during hard times.
For the first time ever you get to listen to an audio recording of a #FROREALlifeStory!

I knew that a story like Zoe’s was not one just to read about, but one that you all deserved to hear*. Click below to listen to my full exclusive interview with Zoe Jackson.

For more information on Zoe, her community service, performances and more: www.zoefashionplate.com .


*Being that this was the first time recording an interview using a new application, after playing it back I noticed some imperfections in the sound quality and some gaps in the recording.  I am so sorry for this, y’all! (The perfectionist in me is having a melt down) The interview is still good and audible and I believe that you all will still be able to take inspiration away from it. Again, I do sincerely apologize for the gaps. I promise to perfect the audio recording process for you all in the future. Thanks again for always supporting!




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