ABC’s The Chew | Daphne Oz and her new book The Happy Cook

Being a wife, mom, New York Times best selling author, and Emmy Award winning co-host on ABC’s The Chew isn’t easy.

Someone obviously had to do it though, and that someone is Daphne Oz.

Daphne is the daughter of Dr. Mehmet and Lisa Oz. You may have seen her on her dad’s popular show. Dr. Oz is one of our trusted GO-TO experts on many things health related, but when it comes to leading a happy-healthy lifestyle as it relates to FOOD – Daphne is our girl!

Daphne’s new cookbook, The Happy Cook, is dedicated to her mom and grandmother. Daphne says that between the two of them, they have 10 children.


Daphne has great memories of growing up in the kitchen and admiring how these two women in her life were both HAPPY COOKS. They made cooking fun and exciting for their families and clearly Daphne will never forget it. She has adopted their ways and made a career out of it. You’re just one YouTube search away from seeing how she kills it!

The Happy Cook was written to make people feel confident in the kitchen. Daphne wants us to feel confident in our abilities to easily create a delicious meal, and confident that we are making healthy choices with our bodies. Daphne wants us all to be happy-healthy cooks, and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to cook and eat. Needless to say, I got my copy and you’ll definitely be seeing me taking some instagram food selfies.

One of the greatest pieces of advice that Daphne gave last night was about surrounding ourselves with beautiful people. She said that having people around that support us and lift us up are essential in life. Daphne’s strong support system – FAMILY – has been very influential in her life. I can tell from her down-to-earth personality and permanent smile that Daphne is the type of person that her family loves to have around as well.

I’m so glad that I got to interview Daphne on behalf of a local non-profit radio station here in Houston. The Amazing 102.5 FM benefits a ministry called, The Bread of Life. The mission is to help the chronically homeless in Houston by providing housing, daily showers, and meals. Who knows, maybe we can whip up some meals for the homeless from Daphne Oz’s book!


You can catch my interview with Daphne on Kim Aitch’s Camera Ready this Monday, November 7th! The show starts at 11am (central). Download the Amazing 102.5 FM mobile app to tune in.

Keep up with Daphne across all of social media @DaphneOz. Of course, you can get your own copy of The Happy Cook anywhere that books are sold (but if you go to Williams-Sonoma Highland Village ASAP, you can get a copy signed by Daphne- just sayin’).

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