Disney Channel’s Skai Jackson | Chicks with Class Holiday Brunch Gala

This weekend I was invited to Chicks with Class’ Holiday Brunch Gala.

This was an extra special event specifically for young girls. Chicks with Class is a Houston based organization that, “celebrates style and education all while providing a fun empowering and upbeat atmosphere,” for our future lady bosses!

I did not hesitate to accept this invitation! An event that uplifts our youth is the kind of fun that I want to be apart of.

The star studded guest list for the event included Disney Channel’s Skai Jackson! She is known for her roles in Jessie and Bunk’d. The line up also included Yung Lyric (rapper), Lyric Hurd (model, actress, and dancer seen on the Ellen show), and Roneshia Ray (Ms. Black America Coed). These ladies passed out hugs and autographs during the meet n’ greet for VIP guests; and they also gave words of encouragement and inspiration during the sit down brunch.

Left to Right: Skai Jackson, Chicks with Class founder – Margo Baines, Roneshia Ray, Yung Lyric, and Lyric Hurd

There were also some amazing Kid’preneurs (child entrepreneurs)  at the event that absolutely blew my mind! Aside from them being adorable – these young ladies are already bosses of their own companies!

Signature Sips – creates delicious smoothies
Illustrations by Nikara – creates lovely art pieces
Hailey Kisses – created own lip gloss line

This event is something that I truly believe these young ladies will remember. As young girls, having an event like this that celebrates them is something that will propel them into the future with confidence. After all, they are our future!

Check out my interview with Skai Jackson below and don’t forget to head over to the Chicks with Class website to learn more about their organization.

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