Glittered in Goals | Have you ever been scared and excited at the same time?

On Saturday, January 7th, I had the opportunity to host my very first public event.

Glittered in Goals, a networking workshop, allowed women of varying ages and backgrounds to come together, and have the opportunity to be open with each other. These ladies were able to talk and connect on a positive level. The purpose behind the event was for each of them to leave feeling inspired, motivated, and prepared to face their goals of the New Year.

Glittered in Goals was held at the Rouge Wine Bar off of Eldridge Parkway, in Houston. This beautiful venue was the perfect location. I loved the elegant red chandeliers, velvet sofas, and beautiful rouge bucket chairs that made guests feel comfortable.

We were blessed to have food donated to the event by two of my really great friends.

Photo by: Little Light of Ours Photography
Photo by: Little Light of Ours Photography
Photo By: Donesha Albrow

The highlights of Glittered In Goals were the two guest speakers.

Brenda Grays, shared with us about how having a POSITIVE attitude and outlook on life has a lot to do with the way we will get through things. She told of her personal struggle of getting pregnant at fifteen years old and having to push through. Now, over forty years later, Brenda is an influential woman in her community.


It was an excellent reminder for me. One thing that I pride myself in is having a good attitude even when things around me are not so good. It’s hard sometimes, but Brenda confirmed that we are in control of how we handle our life’s circumstances.

Our second speaker, Joyell Hayes, had us all squirming in our seats as she called us out on the truth behind our hesitation to fulfill our goals. She told us straight up, “YOU ARE SCARED!” And asked us, “What do you have to FEAR?”


Some of us were probably thinking, “Ummmmm…who she talking to? I ain’t never scared!”  Yeah. Right!

Joyell reminded us that our goals should not ALWAYS be safe. Sometimes our goals should scare us, make our stomachs get butterflies, and make our hearts beat fast. When she said this, it was confirmation that my goals are on the right track.

My personal goals actually seem pretty impossible. They’re BIG, y’all. However, I’m glad that Joyell reminded me that,

“FAITH and FEAR can not exist at the same time.”

Once we finished getting life poured back into us from these speakers, we broke into small groups to do some work.


I gave the ladies some questions to help prompt their group discussions. They had to share what they were afraid of, what their goals for the year were, and also give each other advice.

All of this MAGIC in one room left me speechless. Like, seriously! I found myself looking around the room in awe. This event blew my mind. I could not believe it.

Glittered in Goals started as a little idea…just a vision. It grew in my belly. I prayed about it, I was anxious (the good and bad kind), I was afraid to fail at my first event.

For it to turn out being a big success, I can’t lie, it makes me feel proud. As I looked around the room of this SOLD OUT occasion, I just whispered sweet thank you’s to God.

To God be the Glory, great things He has done. I truly believe that when we submit our desires to Him with a pure heart…He is faithful to give us far more than we even asked for.

Ephesians 3:20 – “Now all glory to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is within us.”

Glittered in Goals was immeasurably more and it was only the beginning.

Happy New Year!


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