Super Bowl Culinary Kickoff at Williams-Sonoma Highland Village

The Super Bowl was in Houston, Texas this year! It is only a few days after the big game, and most Houstonians are getting back into their normal routines.

Everyone is talking about the excitement that came through the city. There were so many events taking place to celebrate the big game, and fans from all over the country helped populate Houston roads (even more than they usually are).

From concerts at Discovery Green, to the NFL Experience that took place at the George R. Brown Convention Center, it was so much going on.

On last Wednesday, February 1st, Williams-Sonoma Highland Village hosted a Culinary Kickoff.


This event featured appearances from celebrity Chef Michael Mina, Charlie Palmer, Adam Sobel, and Danny Trace.


Guests were treated to small bites and got to be the judges in the cook off between the chefs.
Boston Baked Bean Pralines

The chefs broke off into teams and represented the two Super Bowl contenders , the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots.

We were served a delicious Chowder by #TEAMPATRIOTS lead by Charlie Palmer, but Chef Michael Mina stole the show with his Cream Puff deliciousness, bringing home the win for #TEAMFALCONS. So, it was not a complete loss for the Dirty Birds…they were a winner in at least one Super Bowl game!

To top it all off, we were served wine from the Charles Woodson Wine collection.


The room was jam packed and filled with familiar faces, like ESPN’s Sage Steele. Charles Woodson was also present and chatted with guests about everything from his championship career, to the varieties in his wine collection.

With music in rotation by DJ Phon (affiliate of Kelvin Productions), a star studded crowd, and all the delicious treats…a Super Bowl event by Williams-Sonoma Highland Village was definitely my type of party.


Written by: Valaencia Thompson of FROREALDOE
Images courtesy of Art Giraldo Photography 

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