Sold Out event centered around women facing their fears. | Glittered in Goals: Fear Won’t Win

On May 13, 2017, I held my second FROREALDOE Event of the year. This event was a follow up to our New Year kickoff, Glittered in Goals.

Glittered in Goals: Fear Won’t Win was an event that was inspired by my own battles with fear. The kind of fear that produces crippling anxiety. I knew that I could not be the only person that experienced this type of fear. I totally empathize with people who find life to be completely terrifying at times.

However, I made a personal declaration to myself that,  “FEAR WON’T WIN,” in my life. I will not allow fear to keep me from relentlessly chasing what God has in store for me.

This event was me extending an invitation for others to declare the same thing. I wanted to collectively declare as women, “Yes, we get scared. But, FEAR WON’T WIN!”

We did just that on a beautiful Saturday, at

Blue Orange Contemporary art gallery.


FullSizeRender 89
photo by: @snappedbyneesh

The event sold out to over 50 women, and had a waitlist that grew well into the week of the event. This was astonishing to me. Ladies really showed up strong for this, and the room was filled to capacity.


I was fortunate to have some phenomenal women rallying along side me for the cause. I definitely could not, and didn’t even want to go into this alone. I knew that there was going to be a panel discussion, and the women on the panel had to be fierce.

The panel consisted of the most inspiring, go-getting, real-talking women that I have met in a long time.  When I asked Jennifer Gabiola, Nakia Roberson, and Margo Baines to be apart of this, they did not hesitate to commit.

Left to Right: Margo Baines: Business Owner & Founder of Chicks With Class,  Nakia Roberson: Licensed Professional Counselor,  Jennifer Gabiola: Branding Expert & Designer, and Valaencia Thompson founder of FROREALDOE Photo by: @4ledphotos

Each of these women shared their personal stories about how fear tried to rule in their life. Each of them shared intimate details that they had never openly disclosed. I thought that I knew what they all were going to say before hand, but even I was shocked to hear parts of their stories that we had never talked about one-on-one.

Teary eyes could be seen all around the room as these ladies spoke with such transparency. I too shared my testimony, and I know that collectively all of our stories resonated with many of the women in the room.




After we shared our stories, we opened up the floor to our audience for questions. As various women shyly raised their hands to ask questions or make comments, it was clear to me how necessary events like this are. We listened to, laughed with, and comforted one another. We exchanged meaningful dialogue with one another. It felt like a room full of sisters.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the panel discussion ended, guests made their way around the beautiful gallery, and also relaxed in the backyard style lounge area. 

Sangria was sipped, food was eaten, and soul dripping music by DJ Reel Chill filled the atmosphere.  

FullSizeRender 88
Chasatie Lindsay “DJ Reel Chill” – @thereelchill
photo by: @4ledphotos


This vulnerable exchange of love and encouragement, was a reminder to be brave through the trials that stand between us and our GOALS in life. It was also a reminder of how powerful community is. We as women came together, fully open to being vulnerable, as a means to heal. It was proof that, fear really won’t win

This definitely will not be the last event like this. I am working on curating more Glittered in Goals interactions for you all. Make sure that you are following my Facebook and Instagram pages to watch for upcoming #FROREALDOEevents.


Photos courtesy of: @4ledphotos & @snappedbyNeesh

Special thank you to our sponsors:

Beti Boutique, Avante Laser and Media Spa, Mesh PR, Perfectly Pure, Chica Bicaz, and SheVictory.


One thought on “Sold Out event centered around women facing their fears. | Glittered in Goals: Fear Won’t Win

  1. Motivating.Inspiring.Heart felt. God was definitely PRESENT. How often do you get this feeling outside the church building?
    I love you Missy and your New SISTERS💜🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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