My 3 Month Slump|Hurricane Harvey & Astros World Series

I hit a creative slump around August, hence why my last blog post was in July.

After hosting two successful events earlier in the year, attending and covering some other amazing shindigs, producing a radio show, and then launching my own podcast, all while working multiple roles in my job…I just kind of got stuck.

My creativity and ambition began to slow down for some reason approaching the fall months.

I had to fall back, involuntarily. I had to give myself permission to stop when I needed to, and take the break. It has been hard, but I knew I would get back to it when it felt genuine. Forced efforts take way more energy from me, than just letting things flow.

So, I didn’t force it. I just chilled out for a bit.

Right in the thick of my personal slump, my city had one of the most catastrophic natural disasters to date.

Hurricane Harvey devastated the city of Houston back in August.

The storm experience really shook me up. Being a person of empathic personality, I really had a hard time with the affects of the storm. My emotions were all over the place. It hurt to see my city under water…literally.


It felt as if I too had lost, and I dealt with guilt of not being able to help more. I did not lose anything personally, and my home collected no water. But, just seeing other people’s losses made an impact on me that I’ve never felt.

Through all the turmoil and sadness, it was amazing to see the city come together by the thousands. Shelters had so many volunteers that they had to turn people away, sending them to go help in other places. Fundraising began immediately, and everyone just wanted to help in any way.

I was fortunate to be able to host a fundraising event, as well as collaborating with a local brand on another. These efforts helped me so much. Sparked my creativity, drive, and motivated me to keep pushing.

Fast forward to November 1, 2017.



Two months and a couple days after the storm. Our city came together in celebration as the Houston Astros baseball team won their first World Series in franchise history.

We came together strong during a time of tragedy with Hurricane Harvey, and gathered together by the hundred thousands (close to a million), to celebrate being on top of the world with a win.

The events in my city resonate with me on a personal level. I feel proud to be apart of such a victorious city. We are #HoustonStrong.


With all that has happened, I’m excited to go into the new year feeling more resilient. Yes, we all will hit bumps in our roads, but we are able to keep pushing. The sun really does come out after the rain. It feels good to be feeling more like myself again.


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