Glittered in Goals – Let’s Heal | Written by Bibi Watts of Coffee & The Daily Grind

Glittered in Goals – Let’s Heal event was nothing short of amazing!

I  wanted to give an extra special thank you to Carnegie Homes. You have seen me tagging them in Instagram and Facebook posts leading up to the event, but I wanted to post the listing to the beautiful home that we were hosted in.

1514 Malone St. | Houston, TX 77007 is a luxurious space! There are some upcoming open houses that you can attend to check it out for yourself!

Additional honorable mentions are our food and beverage sponsors! 

Salata Heights (185 Heights Blvd. Houston, TX 77007), Korbel, and Fabrizia Spirits!

Thank you all so much for your contributions to Glittered in Goals! Guests could not stop talking about how amazing the food and drinks were. You had such an impact on the overall outcome. Thank you, again!

Blogger, Bibi Watts did an awesome write up that you can check out below.

Source: G.I.G. – LET’S HEAL is 1 of a series of live women’s empowerment events


Last Saturday I was honored to attend G.I.G. – Let’s Heal Self-Love Day Retreat. It was hosted by Valaencia Thompson –  a Houston native, Blogger, Influencer, content creator of FROREALDOblog, and founder of G.I.G. live  event series.  I actually wasn’t going to attend at first, because the tickets sold out too quickly for me to purchase. However,  Allah/God, had a better plan. 4 days before the event, I won one of 3 giveaway tickets. And girl, when I tell you I was happy, I want you to understand that I was highly favored, haha! I’ll explain why. To begin, I didn’t take many pictures, and didn’t use Instastory at all – which is VERY rare for me. But honestly, I wanted to enjoy myself and take it all in without having to worry about getting the footage. There was a photo booth set up right at the entrance that took care of my selfie itch, so I was good. 
G.I.G. - Let's heal
I think I had too much fun at this photo booth. At first I was a little shy, but as you can see that feeling quickly faded. I was like, but first lemme take a selfie!


Firstly, because Valaencia puts her heart and soul into each event, and you can see the passion she has for helping others when she speaks. Secondly, she isn’t just talk. Whatever advice she gives, it is because she has already done and experienced said suggestion, or intends to in the future. Lastly, these empowerment events are to inspire women to be the best versions of themselves, and that alone is a good enough reason to be present. 
Valaencia Thompson is the founder of FROREALDOE, a social media platform and hub for all things geared toward lifestyle and inspiration.


At the end of last year, I established a new habit. For any event I attended, I would write mini occurrences that stood out to me, and I labeled them my “takeaways.” Sometimes I share them, sometimes I don’t. But the purpose is to always be in a state of growth.  You can read my first written example in an older blog post here. But I digress.
When I saw “Self-Love Day Retreat,” I thought to myself, how are we really going to get any healing out of a 4 hour retreat? Is that realistic?! Girl, listen to me! It was MORE than enough time to mentally and physically decompress. Below are a few nuggets I took with me. 
This event WAS Squad Goals


As Valaencia speaks into existence often, this event was centered around the concept of loving each other, as well as oneself. Taking time to pamper yourself and recharge, both mentally and physically, is just as important as taking care of your loved ones. As women, we oftentimes put our children, job, husband, etc. before ourselves, and end up an empty vessel at the end of the day. That is not the business, and essentially, we’ve got to do better. In order to love others wholly, we must first love ourselves.

G.I.G. - Let's heal
What Squad Goals really look like


Eliza, a relationship & sex therapist from Melanin & Mental Health – spoke about what it means to be a sexual being, healing from sexual/emotional trauma, and how to be comfortable with your sexuality. There were so many things I took from her session, but one main point that stuck with me was this.  Growing up we are taught to be “sorry,” have shame and or ignore our sexuality. Once married, there’s an unspoken expectancy to miraculously know our bodies, and understand our place during intimacy. The messaging (or lack thereof) is confusing – contradictory even. It lacks depth and insight, leaving us at a disadvantage. We must begin to empower our daughters with these conversations, and share this wisdom early on. I don’t want to be the ‘everything is taboo’ mom. My daughters will be equipped with the proper knowledge to navigate through life.  

Eliza @trswcofhouston with Valaencia Thompson


Seneca Dunmore outdid us all with her personal story. She is a motivational and transformational speaker who uses her personal, near death experience, to uplift others. In her account, she warns to be aware of criticizing the turbulence in your journey. Struggle isn’t always a sign of punishment, it may be the power of positioning yourself for greater things. Allah/God takes you through trials because He is preparing and positioning you for your next climb. Now let that sink in…

Seneca @seneca.dunmore


After the intimate discussions, we had massages with Courtney of Rainy Day Spa, and Tausha of WWAM Mobile Massage. Ultimately ending the night in an hour-long yoga session with two dope Yogi’s. Alicia of Afro Yoga, and Leticia. I am still full of good vibes from this experience. Each time I see a picture of G.I.G. – Let’s Heal, I mentally relive the moments. Every hour brought a new feeling, perspective, or emotion. And all 4 were nothing short of empowerment and inspiration.



G.I.G. - Let's Heal
Pictures by @capturedbybcoleman

G.I.G. - Let's Heal

We laughed, listened, learned, shared, relaxed, and rejuvenated.  It was a day to remember, and I’m ever thankful.

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