Are you a weed in the garden? | Are you helping or hurting…

It’s been a long time since I have written a blog post. But, I woke up this morning with things dripping from my brain.

So, I started writing.

“Don’t be the weeds in the garden. Be the flourishing fruits/plants. Be the ones that can be picked for nourishment, not the ones pruned out for being of no use.”-Valaencia Thompson

Whoa! For some reason I felt convicted in writing that. Are weeds actually useless? Did God not create them for a purpose?


So, I did a quick google search.



I came across an article written by a farmer, explaining weeds and their IMPORTANCE. 

“Weeds help protect surrounding plants. Sometimes weeds will help hold up our plants, or maybe they will shade them from sun, or maybe they will take the insect attack for us.”

-Farmer Jay

Weeds sound to me like: parents, mentors, teachers, siblings, managers, friends, or *insert other supporting roles here.*

Just like that, I knew I was mistaken for calling weeds useless. How often do we do that? Distinguish ourselves as the crème de la crème and put other people in another category, because we don’t acknowledge, respect, or understand their purpose. 

Sometimes, other people may not have yet acknowledged or understand their purpose either, and they act in ways that show it. However, that does not make them purposeless. Maybe they just need more supportive weeds.

At times some of us should be the weeds (shading and supporting) and at times others are the plants (being supported and lifted up).

“Plants work together in their little community and biodiversity (being different) is the key. Bare soil is rare in nature and so is a monoculture (being the same), diversity is key. Plants work together and help feed each other, if you learn how they grow and how to cultivate them you can benefit from Nature’s support crops in your garden.”

-Farmer Jay

It amazes me that even the plants know how to be a family. Even the animals know how to support one another. But, as humans we struggle with this. We struggle because we are the only creation with a sin problem.

We are the only ones imprisoned by our sinful hearts saturated in selfishness, egos, antagonized by anger, and burdened with trying to out-do the next person. I consider these things some of the issues that make us become PARASITES to the gardens around us.

I’m thankful that I chose to trade in my sinful heart in exchange for God’s love and salvation from myself. I needed a gardener.

God’s Love and salvation has the power to  CONSTANTLY prune the ego, selfishness, anger, and competition out of my heart. The only thing I had to do is confess that I am flawed and that I needed to keep my garden flourishing.

Psalm 139:23-24 New International Version (NIV)

Search me (prune my garden), God, and know my heart (know what I really think and feel); test me (put things in my path to build me) and know my anxious thoughts (do I really have faith in You?).

See if there is any offensive way in me (ego, selfishness, ungodly anger), and lead me (take me away from offensive behavior) in the way everlasting (keep me in a thriving garden).

I’m glad that this morning I was reminded that I’m not any better than anyone else. I was reminded that while I aim to be a thriving plant in this world, it is also my responsibility to be a weed, helping others thrive. It is my responsibility to make sure to take my parasites to God, because they have no place in the garden. Parasites take away from the purpose.

So, now I change my original thought, because when you know better you should have the courage to do better. When you’re corrected, you should be able to say you were wrong.

“Be the weeds in the garden. Be the ones that protect, shield, and support the flourishing plants around you. Remember, when you’re the plant….you will only be as strong as your weeds.”

-Valaencia Thompson

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