Omg! I am going to Los Angeles!

Hey guys! It has been a minute since I have just wrote a regular ol’ blog post on here.

But, right now feels like the appropriate time to do it. froREALdoe has evolved so much since I first started it as a blog in 2015. Since then, froREALdoe has really evolved into a platform that I intentionally use to empower other women. I love it.

So, in the spirit of encouraging and empowering other women, I just had to share with you what just happened to me this week.

S T O R Y time! Testimony —> Life Update.

So, back in March my friend sent me this flyer on Instagram about this conference taking place in Los Angeles this summer. They were looking for speakers for the conference.

I reached out to the organizer. Turned out there was a speaker fee associated with it that I could not afford. So I passed on the opportunity, but was still very interested in the conference.

Fast Forward >> In May, I attended an event here in Houston and the host of the Los Angeles conference happened to be one of the presenters at the Houston event. Afterwards, I met her, talked to her a bit, told her that my friend was speaking at her conference, and she was like, “You should get a ticket and come to the conference!”

I told her, “I would love to, but currently it’s not in my budget (at the time tickets were like $300 something).” She grabbed my hand, told me, “Pray about it, God will make a way!” – I did not think too much of this encounter, because I really did not think it was going to happen.

Fast Forward>> Yesterday, my friend that is speaking at the conference calls me. She says that the organizer for the LA conference emailed all the speakers and said that, “SOMEONE HAD PURCHASED EXTRA TICKETS to SPONSOR GUESTS.”

Long story short, within 30 minutes…I had a COMPLIMENTARY ticket to this conference that I can’t afford sitting in my email with my name on it. A ticket that now cost $450 is mine, for free.

ALL THIS TO SAY, I am always praying and asking God to just, “put me in the room.” Constantly writing down my goals, and praying over them. Just that God will place me wherever it is that I am supposed to be, around people I am supposed to be around.
This Summer I got a free ticket into the room…a BIG one.


I picked a word for the year, and it was, “Limitless.” I share this to encourage you to take your LIMITS off. No telling what can happen. Believe and BELIEVE BIG! Thank you, God!

PS: If you wanna help me get this flight to LA by sliding $5 into my cashapp…go right ahead, I will not turn you down. You have not, cause you ask not, right? —-> ($FROREALDOE)!


Fearless Destiny Conference! IMG_8842

Stay Glittered in Goals, my friends.

Love, Valaencia 




2 thoughts on “Omg! I am going to Los Angeles!

  1. That’s an awesome story! His is so God. He makes a way when the way is the one he created for you. I can’t wait to see/hear what inspiration you come back with!


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