My Birthday Staycation at The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa

Living in Houston makes the feeling of getting away possible even if you are simply traveling from one side of town to the next. With my birthday falling the day after Christmas and right in the middle of the holiday hustle and bustle, I definitely felt the need for a getaway.

So, that’s exactly what I did for my 29th Birthday Staycation. I traveled to The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa  a luxurious oasis tucked away beneath the oak trees.

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I have visited The Houstonian on previous occasions for work events, so I was no stranger to the unparalleled guest services. Everyone that you encounter at the hotel is professional and welcoming, which I appreciate. 

However, this staycation was like nothing I had ever experienced. The hotel staff really rolled out the red carpet to make sure that this would truly be a memorable occasion for me.

Starting with upgrading my room to a Houstonian Suite…

The Houstonian Suite 

Living Room

My home away from home was a beautiful two-room suite. As soon as I walked in I was blown away by the large living area. It literally was the size of an apartment, and even featured a convenient powder room near the entry. (So, yes! That’s TWO bathrooms in my hotel room. One more than I have in my actual apartment…fancy!)

The room had floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the temperature controlled pool that’s surrounded by trees. Since I was looking for a change of scenery, this room and view did not disappoint.

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Photo Credit: Captured by B Coleman


The second room of The Houstonian Suite is separated from the living space by double doors with stained glass (for privacy), however both doors can be left open for an inviting feel. 

When I walked into the bedroom my mouth just about hit the floor. The king size bed looked massive and had a beautiful leather headboard. On the sides of the bed were mirrors with lamps affixed to them. It gave a very regal feel. So, of course I was feeling very much like a queen.  It’s also fair to mention that I slept like a baby on the comfortable mattress and down feather pillows.

Photo Credit: Captured by B Coleman


I am a sucker for nice bathrooms because one of my favorite things to do is take a long soak in the tub or stand in a huge shower surrounded by steam. Nothing is quite as relaxing as that! I was excited to see that the suite featured both, a shower and tub (both big enough for two people, just saying…wink wink). 

Not only was I impressed with the tub and shower, but there was also a vanity that made it really nice to sit and do my makeup for the evening I was going to have!

Photo Credit: Captured by B Coleman

Room Service

Birthdays are extra special when you are getting presents! I was not expecting it when room service showed up with gifts for me. I received an Artisanal Texas Meat and Cheese Board made for a true Houstonian. Paired with a robust bottle of red wine. It was all so delicious! So glad that this tray is featured on the menu at The Bar, so I can come back and enjoy it anytime…and I will!

Photo Credit: Captured by B Coleman

I was also gifted a beautiful Christmas tree ornament engraved with The Houstonian’s signature lettering. The ornament paid homage to the hotel’s scenic atmosphere and featured a floral & foliage design.

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The Houstonian hotel has multiple dining options on the property. From Manor House, Arbor Grill, Center Court Café, H Market, to The Bar (newly renovated) and the recently opened TRIBUTE

The vast selection definitely makes it ideal for a staycation because you really have no reason to leave the property. Everything you could possibly want is conveniently located within walking distance of your room. The hotel also features a state of the art fitness Club and Spa.

So, you really can have your cake (and 5 star dinner) at the TRIBUTE and eat it too…like I did. And if you want, you can go for a jog around the track to exercise it off… like I did NOT. (But, hey! The option was available to me.)

I opted to go lay in the big comfy bed instead.

Photo Credit: Captured by B Coleman

I truly had the best time celebrating my 29th birthday at one of the best hotels that my city has to offer. I will definitely be visiting again soon when I need a getaway or a cold glass of bubbly Rosé at The Bar.

My Birthday Staycation was truly one for the books and I have The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa to thank for making it so amazing.

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This is a sponsored review of my experience at The Houstonian Hotel, Club, & Spa. However, all opinions are mine and honest. 

6 thoughts on “My Birthday Staycation at The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa

  1. OMG…. This place is everything I look for in a hotel!! You have definitely sold me on staying here my next STAYcation. Thanks for details. I’m glad you had a awesome birthday my love. You looked stunning!!!


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