Waxing The City restored my hope in WAXING.

It has been two weeks since my visit to Waxing The CityThat has given me enough time to form an honest opinion about my experience.

Some of you have been following my journey with laser hair removal for a while now, and you know it is something that I love.

But, before I ventured into the world of lasering, I actually had a few experiences with waxing first. 

Needless to say, those experiences did not keep me coming back for more. Rather, they left me with ingrown hairs and permanent scarring from the wax being too hot. 

It truly gave a new meaning to “landing strip,” because I have a permanent burn mark down there that I did not have before. However, that was a while ago and I decided to give waxing another try in a new space. 

This trendy new waxing salon is a game changer! The aesthetics alone will draw you in. The colors of bright orange accompanied by photos of multi-race people was a big ‘YES,’ for me.

It made me feel like the services offered were for me too when I saw photos of women of color on the salon walls. This gave me confidence that my skin would be handled with care. 

Not only is the decor welcoming and warm, but so is the entire staff. Seriously, everyone there greeted me with a smile on their face. Including Sandra who provided my services! Sandra, was my Cerologist. This is a term that Waxing the City uses to refer to their specialists. “Cera,” is latin for wax, and “ologist,” indicates their level of education and experience. 

Sandra waxed my arms and my legs with great care and precision. I outlined the entire process on my Instagram stories and you can watch it step by step right here! 

After two weeks my verdict is finally in on the process. 

My arms and legs are starting to grow hair again (this is fast compared to the 6-8 weeks between growth with laser) but, the hair is not at all long or visible. Just little prickles of hair in certain areas, but also still smooth in areas. I will take it! This is still a PLUS if you are like me and have to shave every other day to experience smoothness. 

The biggest plus for me is that my sensitive skin was not at all harmed in the process. I have no burn marks or ingrown hairs! 

I have to say that after this awesome experience with Waxing The City, my faith in waxing has been restored! I will definitely go back for another service soon. 

Even if you are not interested in waxing just yet, you can still check out their vast collection of body care products, and their eye brow line!

You can check them out for yourself and receive 50% off of your first service!

With already affordable prices, this is a really good deal! I definitely think this is worth it, especially if you want a more affordable option than laser hair removal, but do not want to constantly shave.

Tell them that I sent you!  Follow @WaxingHouston on Instagram!

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