Valaencia Thompson is the creator of froREALdoe and the host of Glittered in Goals events. She is a native Houstonian who is known for her BIG heart and charismatic leadership.



froREALdoe started as a blog for Valaencia to share her lifestyle, but has become a platform to give other women a place to share their stories & experiences as well. Valaencia created a series of women’s empowerment events called Glittered in Goals to bring women together in a supportive atmosphere. Most importantly, Glittered in Goals was created to teach women how to pour love into themselves so that they may pour love into others.

REAL women. REAL goals. REAL growth.

froREALdoe is a blog & brand that is also…


A reminder to: have FAITH in God, nurture and cherish RELATIONSHIPS, always think with OPTIMISM, never lose  RESILIENCE, tap into true EMPATHY, look at others with ADMIRATION, act out of LOVE, never forget to DREAM, remember nothing is too hard to OVERCOME, and last but not least, use experiences to ENCOURAGE.

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