Born and raised in Texas, where everything is BIGGER…

Valaencia Thompson is a native Houstonian who is known for her BIG heart and charismatic leadership.

frorealdoe2Valaencia comes from a family of five, where she is the eldest sister out of three girls. It was ingrained in her from an early age to be a positive influence to her sisters. Their parents would tell them, “If you can’t get along with (and respect) each other, you can’t get along with (and respect) nobody else.”

Growing up…Valaencia did in fact, “get along with EVERYBODY else.” She lives by the golden rule, and believes that has helped her make some solid personal and professional relationships that she treasures.

With a zest for life, she tries her best to live without false limits and fears. After overcoming some deep insecurities and personal hardships, her biggest hope is to invite other’s to do the same.

This Tier One University of Houston graduate started her college career in 2009, with a focus in Broadcast Journalism. However, a deeper desire to understand and connect with others earned her a degree in Interpersonal Communications (with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies).

Valaencia created FROREALDOE in December of 2015.

It started as a Lifestyle blog, but it has evolved into so much more since then. FROREALDOE has become a platform to give other women a place to share their stories & experiences, through the #FROREALLifeStories interview feature series.  

In July 2017, Valaencia expanded her reach by launching the FROREALDOE on Air podcast.

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With a growing following, ambitious attitude, and a willingness to serve, Valaencia plans to continue to inspire others… one Blog post, YouTube video, Feature Interview, Podcast, and Live Event, at a time.


A reminder to: have FAITH in God, nurture and cherish RELATIONSHIPS, always think with OPTIMISM, never lose  REALNESS, tap into true EMPATHY, look at others with ADMIRATION, act out of LOVE, never forget to DREAM, remember nothing is too hard to OVERCOME, and last but not least, use experiences to ENCOURAGE.


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