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Glittered in Goals is a series of live women’s empowerment events created by Houston influencer, Valaencia Thompson. These events are fun and interactive, creating a welcoming environment for introverts and extroverts alike.

Valaencia is the founder of FROREALDOE, a social media platform and hub for all things geared toward lifestyle and inspiration. Whether she’s conducting interviews on her podcast, covering local events on the blog, or sharing beauty and more on YouTube, Valaencia is all about encouraging others to get outside of their box.


Valaencia created Glittered in Goals events for women who are looking for safe spaces to address the stuff that often distracts us in life. The good stuff, the bad stuff, the happy stuff, the sappy stuff. Glittered in Goals is here to form a sister circle around one another as we navigate life, and get closer to our individual goals.

IMG_6512.JPGGlittered in Goals aims to remind everyone that we can overcome the obstacles that we face, but we don’t have to do it alone.


Let's Heal - Presale (1)


  • Houston, TX | FEBRUARY 3, 2018 | PRE SALE Registration begins December 29, 2017 @ 11 am CST | Pre sale tickets will be $35 cost will increase after January 5th.

Ladies, as we step into the New Year it is imperative that we begin to heal from the things that may have us a little stuck in our past. Glittered in Goals – Let’s Heal, will be a day to retreat and relax. It will be a time to release your worries and turn your focus on yourself for a few hours. We are all so busy, always running around, consumed with the needs of everyone else around us. What do you need? Do you need to heal? Do you need to relax? Of course, you do! We will be surrounded by good love, good music, good vibes, and good support. Let’s heal together. 

The Retreat Features:

  • A transformational speaker
  • A yoga session lead by a certified yoga teacher
  • Massages by Houston’s best massage therapists
  • Delicious food & beverages
  • And more…

Sponsore by: Carnegie Homes










  • Glittered in Goals was an amazing and uplifting experience! It was great to see and to be with a group of women that have great goals and high expectations of themselves for the year. The speakers were wonderful, and I plan on achieving my goals this year as well.

-Hillary McGowan

  • I truly enjoyed myself at this event. It was filled with lots of positive energy. I loved how it became a big conversation where we were bouncing our thoughts/ideas off of one another. Definitely need more things like this to unite women!

-Allyssa Bogan of I Love Lissy

  • At Glittered in Goals I as reminded to “choose my attitude” and be the dictator over the energy in my atmosphere by being a catalyst for positivity.

-Sade Alston of Church Girl Diaries

  • Glittered in Goals was awesome! Valaencia really stepped out of the shell to bring strong women together. The guest speakers were great! I definitely will attend another event.

-Cherell Nelson

  • I want to congratulate FROREALDOE on putting together an AMAZING event. It was such a great representation of who you are as a person. I was honored to be apart of that.

Dozie Oheri of Chose to Do, Inc. 

  • A group of unique and creative women gathered together to support one another in their life mission of goals. Fabulous Event!

-Andrea Oliver 

  • Glittered in Goals was a phenomenal event. There was a lot of positive energy in the room. It was wonderful to see so many ladies come together to be inspired! It was a success!

-Michelle Albrow 

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