5 Tips that helped me get rid of my heart problem

I haven't written about myself in a while. This morning I felt pulled out of bed to do so. A few months ago, I found myself in a doctor’s office. I was having these symptoms that were freaking me out. My heart felt funny. I could feel my heart beat. I could feel these flutters … Continue reading 5 Tips that helped me get rid of my heart problem

I am glad that I struggled the way that I did through college…it made me rich.

I suffered through a silent depression. I battled an eating disorder. I was struggling to hold on to any ounce of confidence that I could. - my grades suffered.

I cried over my dirty laundry.

Last night, I literally had a temper-tantrum-cry-fest on the floor in my closet. I got home from work at about 11pm. My husband wasn't home yet from a baseball game, so I got the lovely privilege of taking the dog out. I couldn't help but notice that under her crate (lining the carpet), was my … Continue reading I cried over my dirty laundry.

#FROREALlifeStories: Living with Anxiety

Anxiety is one of those things that almost everyone has dealt with at some point in their life. Some of us just deal with anxiety on a much greater scale than others. I have personally dealt with anxiety on a pretty bad level, so when I sat down with an old friend to chat about … Continue reading #FROREALlifeStories: Living with Anxiety